Zipper Neckline T-shirt Hack

11 Mar 19

Introduction / Rant If there’s one piece of practical advice I can give to any female person who intends to have children one day — stock up on breastfeeding-friendly clothes. Even if you’re not pregnant yet! I swear people make such a business out of nursing-friendly clothes nowadays. My problem with the ones on the […]

Design Walkthrough: Ramadan Campaign Poster

27 May 17

I’ve hardly ever done tutorials for my graphic design work, perhaps with the exception of one post which talks about my digital doodlenote workflow. I remember following and reading Alia Nadhirah‘s blog entries though — she is a talented medical-illustrator-to-be — and greatly enjoying her reflections and analysis on her own designs. I thought I […]

Productive Muslim doodles – BTS

26 Aug 12

*BTS = Behind The Scenes 😛 Warning: very long entry ahead. Intro I thought I would just write this post up in case anybody might be interested in the process behind the informational posters (the doodly ones) I do for Productive Muslim. Not quite a tutorial or guide, because I’m just making things up as […]