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25 Mar 13


13 Nov 11

…are awesome. Only when you don’t have to work during them, though. :T Not going to babble anymore about work in this entry (alhamdulillah, at least today, Sunday is free ^_^ butonlyafterbeingintheofficetill9:30pmyesterday 😥 ). Or trying not to. 😛 Last weekend we had an extra day off for Aidiladha, which fell on a Sunday. I […]

And so ends my undergraduate Architecture life

26 May 11

Like I’ve said before… not everything is meant to be a success. Final crit was not too bad, Alhamdulillah, (the events leading to the final crit, however, were the stuff of nightmares  *_* ) but definitely some points to keep in mind. I think the strongest advice was: Do not be afraid to do what […]

River Ribble, Lancashire

So here I am.

31 Dec 10

Blogging, writing. In this blog. Yes. 😀 Okay, in reality my face is more of a half-hearted 🙂 but I am physically weak and unwell. Nothing to complain about, because there’s wisdom and blessings in everything, so I shall try to enjoy babbling away while the duvet warms my feet. Before I forget, I have […]