Du’a snippets

19 May 13

Copy-pasted from my Facebook album. To me these are small efforts but with — inshaAllah — huge benefits. (Making things prettier and collectible/compilable tends to help in attracting/remembering/practising these recitations + the meanings. :boogie: ) The du’as are from iPad apps, mostly. And the typing/doodling is in an iPad app too, called Inkflow Plus.

Doodlenotes: So far

25 Mar 13

To collect them nicely in one place inshaAllah. For my convenience as well as yours. ^_^ English conferences/talks

Productive Muslim doodles – BTS

26 Aug 12

*BTS = Behind The Scenes 😛 Warning: very long entry ahead. Intro I thought I would just write this post up in case anybody might be interested in the process behind the informational posters (the doodly ones) I do for Productive Muslim. Not quite a tutorial or guide, because I’m just making things up as […]

Sketchbooks and sketching

8 Jun 12

I was trying to recall what it was that triggered me to start sketching again. Perhaps it was writing the last few blog entries, and discovering sites like Doodlers Anonymous, re-discovering drawn.ca, and Moon posting about Urban Sketchers on Facebook. But also, I had a realisation that went something like this: It just dawned on […]

Of Drawing Style(s)

28 Apr 12

This is a very image-heavy post. And quite lengthy as well. Please come back later if you’re busy. :B I think this entry is mainly for myself, because I felt like collecting my “art”work and looking back and analysing a little bit. This started when I read Michele’s blog entry about finding her drawing “style”. […]