Why Blogging Needs to Come Back

15 Mar 18

Assalamu’alaikum. It’s been awhile! I’ll keep this short because I hope (!) that I’ll finally keep to this writing habit, especially after having come up with this entry. :X 1. Some people just need to write I might have been in denial of this, but the fact is that for most of my life, I […]

And He plans

29 Dec 16

Assalamu’alaikum! 2016 came with surprises and is leaving with some very welcomed closure. It is so cliché but true: that we plan, we have expectations and wishes, but God’s plan is the best and ultimately the one we submit to. What I would remember from this year is the time that I was this close […]


30 Aug 16

So life plans have drastically changed — again! — but this time the feeling of hearing the news was of immediate relief. It’s ironic and crazy, but you’d probably understand if you went through it too. This site needs an overhaul! Visually and content-ly. ^^; See you later alligator (inshaAllah)!

The Homeless, As and Bs

3 Dec 13

First, a few Facebook status updates just to get us up to speed: 20 October 2013 Sometimes #thelittlethings dawn on you a bit later than the experience itself. Last Friday night, I joined a little activity called an outreach, with two other girls from our society. Basically we go to town to find homeless persons […]

The ungiven speech

6 Apr 13

This was written in August 2012 as a “thank you speech” at the company where I did my practical training. They gave gifts to everybody during their iftar/dinner event and the cheeky bosses told me I had to prepare a speech. Well I did, but I did not end up reading the whole thing on […]

The seemingly “insignificant”

31 Mar 13

This book arrived in the post today. I forgot that I ordered it, it certainly took awhile to arrive. I stumbled across it from a blog post of “rules” in art, and indeed, life: A whole lot of the above resonated with what our architecture tutor advocates (read: drills into our heads) so I figured […]

The little things

29 Mar 13

Part of why “documenting” the little things can be beneficial, even important: They help you appreciate the little things, and by extension, life itself. 🙂 And sharing can help others notice the little things, be just a little bit happier, or even feel appreciated / included / loved.

It’s been 3 months?!

3 Dec 12

SubhanAllah. I am such a terrible blogger. 😛 No — I am such a terribly inconsistent blogger. :shake: As always, Facebook becomes my online home, I suppose because “every”body is there, and responses/feedback/rewards are quick and instant. Facebooking vs. blogging, to me, is akin to texting/instant-messaging vs. letter-writing. I think. Anyway, I am back in […]

8 Bits is 1 Byte

10 Jan 12

Many thoughts, but most have yet to be written down. They are short thoughts. Which is why they tend to be published as Facebook statuses. I shall continue my rambling in point form, apologies if this format irks you. Facebook and Tumblr are where I’m at. With the former, I filter friend-requests, but don’t mind […]


Heart Notes

20 Feb 11

Assalamu’alaikum, hello peeps. I realised that the contents of this entry is directly related to point no. 3 in this entry. Then — Some odd years ago, one of the first times we celebrated Raya at home (our regular home, as opposed to going back to the village), my Mama asked us to do something […]