Baby #3 Birth Story

13 Oct 20

Clearly, I find it a struggle to blog about anything these days, but for birth stories: I must write! It’s just something I wish to re-read in the future, or if my kids ask what their births were like, I’ll have them read these themselves (God knows I’ll forget the details anyway). Pregnancy This was […]

Baby#2’s Birth Story

7 Sep 17

Bismillah. In the name of Allah. I have dragged myself here to blog about this important, life-changing milestone that is the birth of our second son!  :boogie: I really wish to have this written down and documented just like Nu’man’s birth story — otherwise I know I would forget the details. The account below is […]

Babyness’ birth story: Part 2

28 May 15

Continuation of Part 1… Written on the evening of Thursday, 12 March 2015 After lugging all our stuff, my husband decided that Mama should come over and spend the night with me. I myself could not envision going through labour alone, and though I was sad that my designated birth companion (my husband), the one […]

Babyness’ Birth Story: Part 1

27 May 15

After a year-long hiatus, evidently I am now feeling up for blogging again. I decided to start with something I’d already written up two months ago, ie. the birth of our baby (nicknamed “Babyness” in the womb :B ). It is a super-detailed account so looks like I’ll have a few parts to it. Muqaddimah […]