Parenting books

Mummy Must-Reads

29 Dec 18

One thing I don’t think is ever discussed enough is that parenthood is difficult — even more so for my generation and the unique challenges of today. 2018 has been full of trials for me personally, as a mother of two young boys who are at home full-time. I had previously mentioned how my reading […]

Life without TV

28 Jul 18

I thought I would write this so that my future self can remember what life was like ‘back then’ — because who knows what else will change in 10, 20 years? Background story The husband and I grew up with TV like most of our generation, but the habit stopped when we went to university […]

Photobook Tips

22 Jul 18

If you are not aware of the delightful novelty that is printing your digital photos, oh boy are you missing out. Over the years, I’ve made a total of six photobooks through various online services. Most are actually landscape / travel photos, and then there’s my architecture portfolio, and two baby books of the kids. […]

My Favourite Daily Apps (2018)

22 May 18

So here’s the thing about apps — one can make so many excuses for not needing them! For me they went something like this… I can just use manual pen & paper/notebook: ha. You think? Only to be misplaced, or have papers flying everywhere, or inevitably have the baby chew on them? o_O Apps keep […]

Motherhood Myths

21 Apr 18

I thought I’d do this for fun. And maybe so I can look back one day and re-think my perceptions… or just laugh at my younger self! 1. Labour is painful / excruciating / traumatic InshaAllah, with some effort and luck 😛 , giving birth can be much less than traumatic. I’ve written about both […]

Functional Home DIYs

9 Apr 18

Continuing the home-y spirit of the last entry, here’s a list of things we’ve made around the house. A couple of notes: It’s a rental, so there’s nothing too crazy done. We’ve lived here for about a year and a half. Still fixing-upping it bit by bit, next is probably the yard & outside of […]

Laundry made easier

26 Mar 18

It was only recently that I seemed to fully embrace and accept my role as a housewife slash stay-at-home mother, after 3 years of being one! ^^; I haven’t written much about life as a modern-day housewife (there’s probably only a tiny bit here) yet these things definitely deserve to be talked about. Running a […]

Why Blogging Needs to Come Back

15 Mar 18

Assalamu’alaikum. It’s been awhile! I’ll keep this short because I hope (!) that I’ll finally keep to this writing habit, especially after having come up with this entry. :X 1. Some people just need to write I might have been in denial of this, but the fact is that for most of my life, I […]

Baby#2’s Birth Story

7 Sep 17

Bismillah. In the name of Allah. I have dragged myself here to blog about this important, life-changing milestone that is the birth of our second son!  :boogie: I really wish to have this written down and documented just like Nu’man’s birth story — otherwise I know I would forget the details. The account below is […]

Mulu, Sarawak

17 Jun 17

This is a slight throwback as our trip was in April 2017. It was a work-related trip (husband’s, obviously) and I was quite excited at the prospect of being able to come too, because: We’ve never technically had a holiday as a family. Though coming home to the West Coast (our parents’ places) sometimes feel […]