Ramadan thoughts

By Aneesah, 12 Jul 16

Those who have the desire and who work at it can definitely increase their emotional intelligence […] Take an example: Many children have not experienced loss and its accompanying grief, so they may not fully understand these concepts. However, as we age and experience loss in our lives, we develop a greater capacity to understand our own experiences and to empathize with others […] However, without reflection and purposeful direction, some of that capacity will surely be lost.

– Adele B. Lynn, The EQ Difference

This Ramadan I kept an actual physical journal! Granted, Ramadan is over now and there are less than ten entries in there — but hey. Baby steps. ^^; Keeping a journal was one of the advice in the Pre-Ramadan Bootcamp at ProM Academy, and I decided to take it up partly to reduce my habit of using social media (read: Facebook) as a journal.

I used a beautiful fabric-covered notebook which was an old gift!

I used a beautiful fabric-covered notebook which was an old gift!

I’ll post snippets of a few entries that I thought I might want to remember in the future:

4 Ramadan 1437

Wahai orang-orang yang beriman! Bertaqwalah kamu kepada Allah dan ucapkanlah perkataan yang benar.

Nescaya Allah akan memperbaiki amal-amalmu dan mengampuni dosa-dosamu. Dan barangsiapa mentaati Allah dan rasulNya, sesungguhnya dia menang dengan kemenangan yang agung.

How beautiful it is to have the Qur’an tucked in between our worldly tasks… like a buffer to let your soul breathe. Relax, oh weary soul… your Owner is speaking to you.

18 Ramadan 1437

Alhamdulillah, how I find joy in the little things in life. Yesterday we spent Nuzul Qur’an holiday in Dungun, doing some homeware shopping. It’s surprising how much joy I experience from towel baskets and kitchen surface stickers, under-sink mats and mirrors.

24 Ramadan 1437

Alhamdulillah for being reminded of the ni’mah of health. A few days ago I had a spectacles accident and scratched my left eye — two hours later I had constant pain and could barely blink. All the clinics were closed by the time Abi came home from work.

I slept over it and alhamdulillah the feeling was almost gone in the morning. How the body heals, subhanAllah!

Today I am rather bedridden from demam. Perhaps Allah just wants me to rest after hosting last night’s iftar for Abi’s friends. It went well alhamdulillah. Makanan cukup and there’s Chocolate Indulgence cake waiting for me in the fridge! :heart:

May Allah accept our deeds in Ramadan and onwards!

*goes back to tending to the cranky toddler*

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