Where did time go?

By Aneesah, 22 Dec 15




Today was a particularly “good” day — as defined by me. The kid is having his second very long nap of the day, mashaAllah, my routine just seemed to fit things in, and I managed to work on (and completed) multiple design tasks — I work with ProductiveMuslim — with, let’s say minimal screaming for attention from the kid between naps.

As I reflect on the changes in my life lately, I can conclude that I need to write to survive. I need to write to stay sane. I need to write to avoid regular emotional breakdowns. It’s not that I am facing major life crises — alhamdulillah, no — but not writing has just left me unable to process my thoughts, feelings, decisions, actions.

Being a (work-at-home) mother does not mean that I do not have thoughts, opinions, ideas, things to do other than tending to my family. I have always written. I wrote to my best friend my whole entire childhood and teenhood. I blogged for most of my school and college years. Yet, expressing myself, wording my thoughts out, de-cluttering my mind and heart — which should all be a priority! — somehow kept being put off: I’m a wife now, I’m a mother now, I can’t find the time to write. Facebook posts hardly count; we all know that.

InshaAllah, I am now keeping a gratitude journal on my phone (via Bliss) and aim to revive this blog (and my wedding blog, ha ha).

May our efforts bring benefit to us and others.

See you soon.

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