The little things

By Aneesah, 29 Mar 13


Snow/sleet, early Friday morning.

Part of why “documenting” the little things can be beneficial, even important:

  • They help you appreciate the little things, and by extension, life itself. 🙂
  • And sharing can help others notice the little things, be just a little bit happier, or even feel appreciated / included / loved.

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Over time I’ve noticed that the house has after-dinner sessions. Many a time it’s just lepaking, but I feel that even when you’re talking / discussing, there’s always the opportunity to make it a beneficial activity. Truly, anything you do, with the right intention and without involving haram, can make a difference in this life and the next. Good intentions can include anything like:

  1. Building and strengthening the bond among friends.
  2. Sharing knowledge, opinions, clearing up misconceptions.
  3. Trying out new things in an attempt to improve yourself or your quality of life, etc.
  4. Having a good laugh to improve your (and/or others’) mood and motivation for work.

Random conversation topics can include interesting movies!


Learning how to fold a fitted sheet after watching a YouTube video demonstration! We also tried the egg-separating-with-bottle trick. 😛


Just a few of the sillies!

I believe that ibadah or da’wah never have to be strictly obvious or labelled as such. 🙂

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