Doodlenotes: So far

By Aneesah, 25 Mar 13

To collect them nicely in one place inshaAllah. For my convenience as well as yours. ^_^

English conferences/talks

Doodlonotes: ProductiveMuslim Seminar 2012

ProductiveMuslim Seminar 2012 | Facebook album | Scribd PDF

Doodlenotes: Being Muslimah Empowered 2012

Being Muslimah Empowered 2012 | Facebook album | Scribd PDF

Doodlenotes: The Sperm that Ran Away

The Sperm that Ran Away | Br. Imran Ibn Mansur | Facebook album

Doodlenotes: Don't Lower Islam to Your Level; Rise to the Level of Islam

Don’t Lower Islam to Your Level; Rise to the Level of Islam | Dr. Mohammad Hilaal | Facebook album

Doodlenotes: Mu'min GPS: What is your destination?

Mu’min GPS: What is your destination? | Shaykh Haroon Hanif | Facebook album

Doodlenotes: Israeli Apartheid Week

Israeli Apartheid Week | Various speakers | Facebook album

And miscellaneous bits in this album.

Bahasa Malaysia conferences/talks

Konvensyen Bidadari Dunia 2012

Konvensyen Bidadari Dunia 2012 | Facebook album | Scribd PDF

PUISI 2012

PUISI 2012 | Ustaz Hasrizal | Facebook album | Scribd PDF

Doodly lyrics / quotes

Doodlyrics: After Every Rainfall


Doodlyrics: 22

Taylor Swift

Doodlyrics: Heartsong

Talib Al-Habib

Postcardoodle: Summer


Doodlyrics: So Soon

Maher Zain

Doodlyrics: Forgive Me

Maher Zain

iPad doodlyrics: One Big Family

Maher Zain

Doodlequote: Umm Zakiyyah

Umm Zakiyyah

Postcardoodle: Learn



I like using pen and sketchbook paper (blank, no lines). I have one of those 3-in-1 printers to scan pages into the computer. Colours are usually added in Photoshop, but I also occasionally use watercolour pencils (as watercolours, ie. wet) and grey brushpen.

Recently I forced myself to try iPad doodling. It works fine, even when using only my finger, but zooming is essential. Apps I may recommend are Penultimate (sadly no zoom ability), Bamboo Paper and Inkflow (also there’s Inkflow Plus, the paid version. Inkflow free has no colours, so sometimes I colour the doodles in Procreate). I’ve also heard of Adobe Ideas and many other paid apps but I haven’t tried them yet because I’m looking towards free options for now. 🙂 The main convenience in using an iPad is with sharing the notes online. Suuuuuuuper easy compared to manual scanning and editing. :nod: Perhaps once I’ve gained more experience in iPad doodlenoting I’ll write a dedicated blog post about it, inshaAllah. But in the meantime you can hear from others who are more experienced in this, eg. Sacha Chua, Linda Saukko-Rauta and Rachel Smith.

I’m always a learner and always trying to improve. Pray for me and others who are trying to use what we have for the benefit of the world! Thank you!


  1. Nabeelah says:

    These are precious! May Allah help you continue with the spectacularness 🙂

  2. Fath says:

    Hi Aneesah. Sorry asking u noob ques. Photoshop & Adobe Photoshop is the same?

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