Just another cat video

27 Feb 12

to join the bajillions of others on the interwebs. Cat people, enjoy!

I survived my Architecture degree!

29 Jun 11

Alhamdulillah. Actually, results came out ages two weeks ago, I just didn’t bother writing a blog post to announce it. I did not achieve very high marks at all, but neither did I fail miserably, and for that I am mega thankful. Indeed we learn so much more from our (near) failures, downfalls, mistakes and […]

Our Time in Kent

13 Apr 11

It’s the beginning of spring break, and my first (self-assigned) task was editing this video. My laptop’s power is far from adequate, though … lots and lots of crashes and restarts. We all have exams or deadlines right after the holidays so this will be more of a study/work “break”… Pray for all of us! […]

Save Our Sanity

23 Mar 11

Drowning in work that I am so not enjoying right now. That is a 3D model diagram thingy of my museum design that I doodled over. We all just want it to be done and over with.

Blessed Celebration

8 Sep 10

That is what Eid Mubarak means. Peace!

Midnight thoughts

1 Jun 10

I decided to not do a play-by-play “this is what happened to me” entry, because I don’t think I can manage one. Basically though, my 2nd year of Architecture is almost over. Alhamdulillah, results are better than my first year’s, despite the fact that I hated my design for both projects this year and had […]

Vlog 10: From Winter to Spring

3 Mar 10

Edited to add: Heh, I realised that I already had a Vlog 10, so this is meant to be #11. But oh well. Who’s counting. Also, oddly enough — I said later as “lay-tah” in that vid as well. Hiya! 18-minute long vlog, be prepared: Aneesah’s 10th Vlog on Vimeo. Sorry if you have to […]

Home humid home

27 Jun 09

Vlog 10: Moving out, and my journey home. The audio gets out-of-sync towards the end, please excuse that. Oh, and the messy room. Hello earthlings! Sorry the vid’s kind of long/big, there’s background music in there, which might not have been a wise decision anyways (nothing syncs, songs are probably too loud, but I was […]