Learning Mandarin

12 Nov 13

So… the opportunity came up for me to take up a wild module at uni this term. I looked through quite a few — the ones that sounded like I could be interested in were: darkroom photography, digital photography, and languages. Of the languages it was down to Arabic (because I learned it when I […]

Random snippets

17 Mar 13

I am also a great believer in writing things down. In documenting. I make it a point to write down every one of my Jumuah khutbahs. The result is, I was able to publish a book recently called “Understanding Islam”, which is 52 complete khutbahs, 650 pages. —Shaykh Yawar Baig I also advocate this documenting […]

I survived my Architecture degree!

29 Jun 11

Alhamdulillah. Actually, results came out ages two weeks ago, I just didn’t bother writing a blog post to announce it. I did not achieve very high marks at all, but neither did I fail miserably, and for that I am mega thankful. Indeed we learn so much more from our (near) failures, downfalls, mistakes and […]

Springing into Crafts

20 Apr 09

It’s official. I now blog only once a month.  It’s not so much the busy-ness as it’s the fact that I don’t feel like I need to write entries that often anymore? It seems there are separate places to share the different sides of me now — Facebook for the daily random personal thoughts, links, and […]

I think I broke a record.

17 Jan 09

Yeap. This has to be the longest time I’ve abandoned this blog, am I right? Where do I even begin? Excuses (though unnecessary): I’ve just been super lazy, my free time’s been filled with mindless surfing, Facebooking, YM-ing — anything but blogging. But, it’s the third last day of the winter holidays… and if I […]

Lazy, sorry me.

16 Nov 08

Uh. Well. It’s been almost exactly a month since I posted the last entry. And yet, I don’t feel like writing a new entry at all. To quote Moon, Over time, I have so much to say, that in the end it all seems so overwhelming and I end up not saying anything. Yeap. There’s […]

The Updates

17 Oct 08

Whoo. The end of Week 4 of this term and I’m only just making time to write a blog entry, huh? I guess I’ve been busy, or rather, the little “free” time I had was filled with watching episodes of Project Runway, Little Mosque on the Prairie, or Heroes. While tracing drawings or sketching, mind […]