The Best Summer

19 Apr 16

Tonight I just felt like writing about my last summer in the UK, which was also my first summer as a wife and my first summer spent in Cambridge (as opposed to Canterbury, Kent). I was actually reminiscing (I hate this word because unlike my husband, I’m not at all a nostalgic person) the time […]

The Homeless, As and Bs

3 Dec 13

First, a few Facebook status updates just to get us up to speed: 20 October 2013 Sometimes #thelittlethings dawn on you a bit later than the experience itself. Last Friday night, I joined a little activity called an outreach, with two other girls from our society. Basically we go to town to find homeless persons […]

I hath a new kah-mera

30 Apr 13

  And after the long, long winter, it was too easy to forget how beautiful Spring is. And which of your Lord’s favours will you deny? —Al-Qur’an [55:13]

Room tour

20 Jan 13

Scrambled video, vol. I

4 Jan 13

To make up for the lack of blog entries? Maybe?

Greener grass, bluer skies?

20 Nov 11

Assalamu’alaikum! Happy Sunday afternoon! Apparently there was a draft post here since June 2011, something about “comparing” life in Malaysia vs. the UK, but I never touched it since then. Here is my attempt at finishing it. Disclaimer: No intent on causing any negativeness or offence of any kind, points do not only apply to […]

I survived my Architecture degree!

29 Jun 11

Alhamdulillah. Actually, results came out ages two weeks ago, I just didn’t bother writing a blog post to announce it. I did not achieve very high marks at all, but neither did I fail miserably, and for that I am mega thankful. Indeed we learn so much more from our (near) failures, downfalls, mistakes and […]

Summer is here

5 Jun 11

Sort of, I guess. Since it’s June and all. Photo post this time because we went on a few holiday-ish trips (this always happens when you get guests here. You bring them to nice places, some of which even you’ve never been before. ), although I do have one more portfolio deadline to meet.

And so ends my undergraduate Architecture life

26 May 11

Like I’ve said before… not everything is meant to be a success. Final crit was not too bad, Alhamdulillah, (the events leading to the final crit, however, were the stuff of nightmares  ) but definitely some points to keep in mind. I think the strongest advice was: Do not be afraid to do what you […]

The Springy post

28 Apr 11

Just because I need to gather all my flowery/scenic/insect Spring 2011 photos here. They’re all on Facebook already, and some on Tumblr, but here is nice too. Did they never observe the sky above them: how We built it and beautified it; and it has no cracks; and We have spread out the earth, and […]