31 Mar 08

I am just so. damn. bored. See, you should know by now, that when Aneesah says such things, it means that 1) it is the weekend and 2) she is not at home. Yea, hostel weekend this time, because we had that Putrajaya field trip yesterday, which took all day, and we were just pooped […]

Holidays = Almost over :(

4 Jan 08

Gone are the days when I blogged once a week. Or every other day. (Actually, those days were over since 2004. ) It’s more like once a month now, not because I’m busy really, but because I feel like writing only that often? Anyway, I’m going back to Shah Alam (aka hostel aka college aka […]


9 May 07

Typed on Monday, 7 May Haha. I was doing Maths exercises (two chapters behind the one we’re learning right now ) when, as usual, I started to drift off and think of some other distraction to do. The internet is kaput, I’m not hungry, I already had a near 3-hour nap (shhh!), so not in […]

iPAQ & Pool

20 Nov 06

Guess what guess what guess what? I got a new handphone! And guess what guess what guess what? I — okay, my father — got it for free! And guess what guess what guess what? It has an mp3 player, WiFi, 2.0 MP camera, FM radio, touch screen and real programs and some-other-cool-stuff-I’m-forgetting! My brand-new […]


17 Sep 06

I seriously have almost no time for blogging right now. I’ve suddenly remembered why my entries never had categories before; during school I’ve never had time to properly separate what I wanted to say into different entries; the events that I want to talk about just accumulate in my brain, so everything goes into one […]