14 Dec 13

If Croatia was a belated travel video, Malta is an extremely belated video. After Croatia, we spent a day in London and headed to Malta, where we were joined by two more housemates to make a group of eight! (The video below does contain some clips from Croatia though — my mistake for mixing them […]


15 Aug 13

A belated travel video. Alhamdulillah, my housemates and I went on our summer trip to Croatia from 23 May – 30 May 2013, and to Malta from 31 May – 04 June 2013.  I had very little hand in the choice of destination — when they first brought up Croatia, I was like… “What’s in […]

River Ribble, Lancashire

So here I am.

31 Dec 10

Blogging, writing. In this blog. Yes. Okay, in reality my face is more of a half-hearted but I am physically weak and unwell. Nothing to complain about, because there’s wisdom and blessings in everything, so I shall try to enjoy babbling away while the duvet warms my feet. Before I forget, I have added Tumblr […]

Vlog 10: From Winter to Spring

3 Mar 10

Edited to add: Heh, I realised that I already had a Vlog 10, so this is meant to be #11. But oh well. Who’s counting. Also, oddly enough — I said later as “lay-tah” in that vid as well. Hiya! 18-minute long vlog, be prepared: Aneesah’s 10th Vlog on Vimeo. Sorry if you have to […]

Forever 21

8 Feb 10

Series of shots from today’s flurries.Hello! Yes it is my birthday today, and as of 9:19 am Texas time (which was quite a few hours ago), I am now 21 years old. I definitely had a good one, thank you — the Kent Uni gang threw a “surprise” dinner party last night, with chocolate cake […]

The holidays so far

27 Jul 09

So it has been exactly one month since the last blog entry, and five weeks since I reached home for the summer. Overall, my holidays have been very unproductive — many days of just lazing around the house, playing with the cats, Facebooking and Scrabbling like a total addict (my new high score is 512 […]

Home humid home

27 Jun 09

Vlog 10: Moving out, and my journey home. The audio gets out-of-sync towards the end, please excuse that. Oh, and the messy room. Hello earthlings! Sorry the vid’s kind of long/big, there’s background music in there, which might not have been a wise decision anyways (nothing syncs, songs are probably too loud, but I was […]

I think I broke a record.

17 Jan 09

Yeap. This has to be the longest time I’ve abandoned this blog, am I right? Where do I even begin? Excuses (though unnecessary): I’ve just been super lazy, my free time’s been filled with mindless surfing, Facebooking, YM-ing — anything but blogging. But, it’s the third last day of the winter holidays… and if I […]

You Kay!

18 Sep 08

Greetings from … inside a train! Uh, don’t really know where we are right now, but we won’t be arriving in Canterbury East for like an hour, so better put this free time to good use. I’ll try and keep things short, whatever I remember about these past … 24++ hours. KLIA The flight was […]