When skies are blue

21 May 11

Salaam, ‘ellow peoples. This entry was just going to be another photo series (of sky shots this time), but I then decided to stick in a few YouTube videos, so … now it’s not just about skies, ok? Just a heads up. When I was a kid in school, I’ve always said my favourite colour […]

Cameraphone Fisheye

14 May 11

First off — studying about Contracts, Law, the Planning System and Cost Control is r-i-d-i-c-u-l-o-u-s-l-y boring. (Un)fortunately, this one exam could either bring up/down my average mark for my whole degree, which is why we all just have to trudge through revisions (which we normally have NONE of, in this sort of course). The exam […]

The Springy post

28 Apr 11

Just because I need to gather all my flowery/scenic/insect Spring 2011 photos here. They’re all on Facebook already, and some on Tumblr, but here is nice too. Did they never observe the sky above them: how We built it and beautified it; and it has no cracks; and We have spread out the earth, and […]


Forever – NOT – 21

13 Feb 11

Assalamu’alaikum, hello dear readers! I’ve been procrastinating on writing another entry, but since I really don’t feel like doing work right now (it’s Sunday evening. I don’t have classes on Mondays and Tuesdays. Wednesdays are my Mondays ), blogging it is. Will write in points because they’re convenient: 1) I am now 22 I don’t […]

River Ribble, Lancashire

So here I am.

31 Dec 10

Blogging, writing. In this blog. Yes. Okay, in reality my face is more of a half-hearted but I am physically weak and unwell. Nothing to complain about, because there’s wisdom and blessings in everything, so I shall try to enjoy babbling away while the duvet warms my feet. Before I forget, I have added Tumblr […]

Tiny Miracles*

2 Dec 10

Extremely busy, but holidays coming soon inshaAllah. Which means more photos and writing, hopefully. * title credit to Z.


12 Nov 10

1. I have this craving for human interaction and attention. How normal is this inexplainable loneliness? 2. I wonder why I have been so into the online world. deviantART, Flickr, this blog, Facebook, Formspring — mediums for sharing, portals for communication, or alternate ways of reaching out? (Alternate, as in other than Real Life.) They […]

Midnight thoughts

1 Jun 10

I decided to not do a play-by-play “this is what happened to me” entry, because I don’t think I can manage one. Basically though, my 2nd year of Architecture is almost over. Alhamdulillah, results are better than my first year’s, despite the fact that I hated my design for both projects this year and had […]

Forever 21

8 Feb 10

Series of shots from today’s flurries.Hello! Yes it is my birthday today, and as of 9:19 am Texas time (which was quite a few hours ago), I am now 21 years old. I definitely had a good one, thank you — the Kent Uni gang threw a “surprise” dinner party last night, with chocolate cake […]