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25 Mar 13


13 Nov 11

…are awesome. Only when you don’t have to work during them, though. Not going to babble anymore about work in this entry (alhamdulillah, at least today, Sunday is free butonlyafterbeingintheofficetill9:30pmyesterday ). Or trying not to. Last weekend we had an extra day off for Aidiladha, which fell on a Sunday. I used the time to […]

And so ends my undergraduate Architecture life

26 May 11

Like I’ve said before… not everything is meant to be a success. Final crit was not too bad, Alhamdulillah, (the events leading to the final crit, however, were the stuff of nightmares  ) but definitely some points to keep in mind. I think the strongest advice was: Do not be afraid to do what you […]

River Ribble, Lancashire

So here I am.

31 Dec 10

Blogging, writing. In this blog. Yes. Okay, in reality my face is more of a half-hearted but I am physically weak and unwell. Nothing to complain about, because there’s wisdom and blessings in everything, so I shall try to enjoy babbling away while the duvet warms my feet. Before I forget, I have added Tumblr […]