Life right now

22 Mar 16

But first! Beaches. A tiny video montage of places in Terengganu. Because I missed making a habit of capturing videos — it’s so easy to overlook the beauty around you otherwise — and compiling them for my future perusal. I wish there were more shots but hey, maybe next time.


Where did time go?

22 Dec 15

Assalamu’alaikum. Today was a particularly “good” day — as defined by me. The kid is having his second very long nap of the day, mashaAllah, my routine just seemed to fit things in, and I managed to work on (and completed) multiple design tasks — I work with ProductiveMuslim — with, let’s say minimal screaming […]

Greener grass, bluer skies?

20 Nov 11

Assalamu’alaikum! Happy Sunday afternoon! Apparently there was a draft post here since June 2011, something about “comparing” life in Malaysia vs. the UK, but I never touched it since then. Here is my attempt at finishing it. Disclaimer: No intent on causing any negativeness or offence of any kind, points do not only apply to […]