Sharing is (really) caring 2.0

19 Oct 13

Bismillahirrahmanirrahim… Hehe. Sometime ago I posted an entry called Sharing is (really) caring, which really was just a list of links and online resources related to Islamic knowledge (and stuff) that I regularly utilise or at least have heard good things about. This is an addendum to that, spurred by a Facebook message from a […]

Ramadhan Resources

2 Aug 11

Assalamu’alaikum, yello peoples of the world. Another resource-y (ie. links to other stuff kinda) post this time, especially for Muslims, as it is currently Day 2 of the sacred month of Ramadhan, a.k.a. the fasting month. Just simple little things that will inshaAllah bring benefit to you in this blessed time. Short selingan: I am […]

Sharing is (really) caring

22 Jun 11

This entry might be a tough one to write. Basically I just wanted to share some of the online resources I’ve discovered and learned via and borrowed from, in terms of increasing my knowledge of Islam as a way of life. Because one of the things that many Muslims realise after being in a Western […]

Really quick entry —

19 Apr 08

— just to get rid of the old one. And because the elf asked me to update. Hmm, let’s see… I’ll just do this in bullet form, ’cause I’m lazy/busy (same excuse I always use). I have (and am using a) new laptop! It is very heavy compared to my old one, and has such […]