Overdue Blog Entry

1 Nov 07

[Note: I’ve added to this entry on Sunday, November 4. Go read that part.] Is right below! Sneak peek.

3 Signs, 5 Things

2 Oct 07

[Typed on Sunday but posted on Tuesday ’cause the internet access here has probably died and reincarnated more times than the Dalai Lama. ] I just find the line amusing. (More info about hell right below.) Right now I’m transferring my brother’s files from his 10GB portable hard drive to my computer (it says 105 […]

3 and 8

9 Sep 07

Time for a new blog entry. Because I won’t have (a relatively) fast internet access for at least another three weeks, since next weekend and the one after … will be my IELTS exams. On weekends, yes. Pure evil, aren’t they? Exams on Saturdays and Sundays? :shakefist: Meaning I won’t be able to go home, […]

4 763 words

22 Aug 07

Apparently, that’s how long this entry is. Not including these first two sentences. Yes, it has been over a month (actually… about a month and a half ) since I updated this blog. I really didn’t mean to leave the last entry on for so long, but not only has life gotten so busy since […]

Holiday Happenings

24 Jun 07

Warning: This entry was typed throughout a time span of two weeks, so sorry if some parts are confusing. I don’t know what it is about holidays that make people me really, really lazy. I mean, now that I finally have free time, shouldn’t I be filling it with … oh, I don’t know, productive […]

All sorts…

31 May 07

…of things in this entry. Real Life first. Hmm, in the last entry I mentioned the Taj Mahal project, and having more classes despite it being the semester break… So, class was on Friday afternoon, and since my mother had the day off from work (sick leave — she had an allergic reaction [swollen face […]

Exams + Aneesah = B.A.D.

20 May 07

Brain Actually Dead. Bad Angry Days. Blurry And Depressed. Anybody can think of any other good (I mean BAD ) ones? I’m glad exams are over now, not only did they make me turn into a moody, feverish, dreamy walking zombie for five days, but Wednesday was probably one of the worse Bad Days I’ve […]


9 May 07

Typed on Monday, 7 May Haha. I was doing Maths exercises (two chapters behind the one we’re learning right now ) when, as usual, I started to drift off and think of some other distraction to do. The internet is kaput, I’m not hungry, I already had a near 3-hour nap (shhh!), so not in […]

Ramblings. Total ramblings.

14 Apr 07

[Wednesday, 11 April 2007. Hostel.] Man, what a day, what a day. This entry was supposed to be titled, “Ramblings on a Sunday evening” and was supposed to start with: It’s never a good idea for me to blog on Sunday afternoons. ‘Cause I’ll take forever to finish, and at that point it’ll be time […]

A Series of Unfortunate Events

13 Mar 07

These things happened a while ago but I haven’t had the time nor mood to blog until now, so here goes. Thursday, 1 March 2007 5:05 pm: I believe I was either doing homework, or using the laptop, (or both) when the ceiling fan in my hostel room made a last loud, loud whine, then […]