Appreciation, Butterflies and Crafts

15 Aug 08

ALEd Graduation Night & A-Level Results Every year the junior batch of ALEd organises a dinner for the graduated seniors. (Or, in technically correct terms, the current seniors organise a dinner for the super seniors.) We did the dinner last year on 11th August 2007, and — by miraculous coincidence — the dinner organised for […]

Beat The Net

6 Jul 08

My life has been full of stuff since my last entry. We moved house, first of all, which — along with the cardboard boxes and miscellaneous items still stashed in all 6 corners of my room — meant that I was internet-less. And I had to go back to the hostel that very night since […]

I am done with A-Levels.

22 Jun 08

It’s over. All over. I almost can’t believe it, now it feels like time flew by with speed, c. (The speed of light, haha.) Somehow I’m feeling rather… neutral. Numb, maybe. Not ecstatically happy, not exactly depressed because I won’t see most of my classmates again for awhile, just … in the middle. Let me […]

Vlog 7: Babblings of a lonely, psycho-ed, exam-soaked brain

16 May 08

I always make vlogs when I’m the only one in the whole dang house. I guess coz there’s nobody to talk to, so I substitute the poor poor camera (and now you! ). This vlog is extra long (20+ minutes) and boring (monotonous voices unite!) and has lots of … uh, rotations of the frame, […]

The beginning of an end

5 May 08

Note: Entry has been edited on Wednesday, 7th May. Typed on Wednesday, 30th April: Tuesday we had our last Mechanics class. Today was our last Maths and Physics classes. Friday would be our last Stats class, and the last day ever that we’ll spend in our class at INTEC (except for us Arch peeps, we’ll […]

Really quick entry —

19 Apr 08

— just to get rid of the old one. And because the elf asked me to update. Hmm, let’s see… I’ll just do this in bullet form, ’cause I’m lazy/busy (same excuse I always use). I have (and am using a) new laptop! It is very heavy compared to my old one, and has such […]


31 Mar 08

I am just so. damn. bored. See, you should know by now, that when Aneesah says such things, it means that 1) it is the weekend and 2) she is not at home. Yea, hostel weekend this time, because we had that Putrajaya field trip yesterday, which took all day, and we were just pooped […]

Slightly longer entry :P

22 Mar 08

So… the reason I haven’t really been blogging lately is because… I’ve been busy. And lazy, but let’s stick with busy for now. Basically, my one-week holiday was spent preparing for the UCL interview (which turned out to be nothing like I expected) while juggling an art project for school (which is still not complete, […]

Blabby at 12:30

24 Feb 08

Continuing my so-called “less wordy” blog entries, here’s a video blog. Vlog 6. Warning: I’m a very boring person. A couple of notes, though:

I’m trying to be less wordy.

2 Feb 08

So here’s a page of based-on-real-life doodles, a.k.a. a symptom of sickoffurthermathsexercisesitis. You can try and figure it out on your own. (But I’ll happily answer questions in the comments. ) Taa!