Blessed Celebration

8 Sep 10

That is what Eid Mubarak means. Peace!

Overdue Blog Entry

1 Nov 07

[Note: I’ve added to this entry on Sunday, November 4. Go read that part.] Is right below! Sneak peek.

Yoga, Vlog, Raya

10 Nov 06

Typed on 31 October 2006: I tagged along to a yoga class with my mother this morning. Yes, yoga. I feel totally unfit now. My fingers and even face were all tingly towards the end; apparently ’cause my blood was flowing through. Meaning my blood wasn’t flowing all this while? And the stretching stuff was […]

Eid is coming!

20 Oct 06

Edit: I finished the Eid card. Gosh, I’ve really been abandoning this blog. The thought, “maybe I should just delete this whole dang site” always emerges whenever I’m busy with school and/or am too lazy to work on website stuff (like re-writing my content pages, re-collecting my blogroll links, actually blogging regularly, actually visiting my […]