And, ultimately; I am lazy.

7 Sep 09

Tonight, from a combination of several reasons (mainly the fact that my last entry was posted in JULY [?!?!] and seeing other much more productive and loquacious bloggers update their respective journals with such lovely, enlightening posts) I was overcome with the urge to do something with this blog. Fix it up, upgrade, change things, […]


20 May 09

I think those of you who have been reading my entries for awhile, could tell that my blog has become increasingly less personal (wait — increasingly less?! Oxymoron, much? ) . My rants have been limited to projects and assignments, there have been few photos of daily life, of the things I’ve bought, seen, discovered, […]

Springing into Crafts

20 Apr 09

It’s official. I now blog only once a month.  It’s not so much the busy-ness as it’s the fact that I don’t feel like I need to write entries that often anymore? It seems there are separate places to share the different sides of me now — Facebook for the daily random personal thoughts, links, and […]

I think I broke a record.

17 Jan 09

Yeap. This has to be the longest time I’ve abandoned this blog, am I right? Where do I even begin? Excuses (though unnecessary): I’ve just been super lazy, my free time’s been filled with mindless surfing, Facebooking, YM-ing — anything but blogging. But, it’s the third last day of the winter holidays… and if I […]

Very Important Stuff to Assemble

3 Sep 08

15 16 September 2008 That is the date of my departure. It was a slight cause of panic, when I heard the date, because University of Kent’s registration is on the 20th/21st, and so … 15 seemed a bit early. [Edit: Oh, the flight’s on the 16th now, apparently. At 10:05 am, whoa.] I’ve had […]

Appreciation, Butterflies and Crafts

15 Aug 08

ALEd Graduation Night & A-Level Results Every year the junior batch of ALEd organises a dinner for the graduated seniors. (Or, in technically correct terms, the current seniors organise a dinner for the super seniors.) We did the dinner last year on 11th August 2007, and — by miraculous coincidence — the dinner organised for […]

Especially Superabundant in Quantity

24 Jul 08

(Title refers to the large number of words in this excessively long post. ) Blogging, for me, is one of those things that can become a burden; you feel lazy to do it, it seems to take a ginormous amount of effort, and you start making excuses not to do it, and thus procrastinate like […]