The making of Tribal Aa

25 Oct 13

“Tribal Aa” is the self-explanatory name of this little print I made. And I’m just going to write a little bit about how it came about. The plain tote bag was found (along with two other cotton tote bags, printed with store promotional images) around the house while spring-cleaning at the end of the summer […]

Sewed Satchel

12 Aug 13

Assalamu’alaikum. Hiiii people of the interwebs! I used to blog about craft projects all the time, especially during my post-SPM & A-Level years. It seems like I had so much time back then. Or maybe my interests were just absolutely within the sewing/handicrafts world so that was all I did and talked about! Now I […]

The craft supplies move.

4 Sep 12

Cross-posted on Facebook. There is a video below (complete with annoying background music ), in case you’re reading through a feed reader.

Tulip Messenger Bag

21 Apr 12

Assalamu’alaikum & yellow. My friend slash loyal customer, Kak Yana, asked me to make her a camera bag. This was in last January. I said ok, she showed me links and pictures of the kind of bag she wanted, and then I scoured my fabric (/used clothes) stash for something suitable. We ended up going […]

DIY bar stool makeover

2 Oct 11

Assalamu’alaikum, heya peoples. I won’t be writing much in this entry (because I don’t feel like it & because this entry does not need too many words), so the pictures shall explain! The project was my mum’s, I just helped make things more complicated here and there. This was done in a weekend(ish), some weeks […]

Origami cranes fill our wall

29 Aug 11

Assalamu’alaikum! Apologies beforehand, in case this entry sounds more hurried than usual (ha!) — I am meant to be asleep, since early tomorrow morning we’ll be heading balik kampung for Eid ul Fitri. So long story short, these are pictures of a little deco project that my mum and I did for the dining room […]

I survived my Architecture degree!

29 Jun 11

Alhamdulillah. Actually, results came out ages two weeks ago, I just didn’t bother writing a blog post to announce it. I did not achieve very high marks at all, but neither did I fail miserably, and for that I am mega thankful. Indeed we learn so much more from our (near) failures, downfalls, mistakes and […]

aza pouch


29 Aug 10

Hello again! Thanks very much for your kind words regarding the new domain and stuff. This post is a short-ish one (I’m practising, ok?) about a few crafty things I’ve been making… and then some. I’ll start by mentioning this new Facebook “fan” Page I made a few days ago, as a place to keep […]


Six Years Later

24 Aug 10

Hiya! Welcome to Aneesah-Hideaway.Net. Haha. Same blog, same person, different address, yadda yadda.  For those who don’t know, has existed since August 2004, very kindly hosted by Nile when was a free hosting site. I am still hosted by her but at Host Solutions, and since the package comes with a domain (I’ve […]