I know I will miss this moment

17 Apr 11

And place. And people. And everything. On another note, I’ve just discovered The Sound of Reason. Love this song.


Heart Notes

20 Feb 11

Assalamu’alaikum, hello peeps. I realised that the contents of this entry is directly related to point no. 3 in this entry. Then — Some odd years ago, one of the first times we celebrated Raya at home (our regular home, as opposed to going back to the village), my Mama asked us to do something […]


12 Nov 10

1. I have this craving for human interaction and attention. How normal is this inexplainable loneliness? 2. I wonder why I have been so into the online world. deviantART, Flickr, this blog, Facebook, Formspring — mediums for sharing, portals for communication, or alternate ways of reaching out? (Alternate, as in other than Real Life.) They […]

The Orange People

2 Jul 10

Hello hello. Despite my initial efforts to blog more frequently, the gap between this entry and the last one is still the usual one month. I have good excuses this time, though — I had a few final submissions/seminars before the term ended, my mum and bro came to visit me for 10 days all […]

Midnight thoughts

1 Jun 10

I decided to not do a play-by-play “this is what happened to me” entry, because I don’t think I can manage one. Basically though, my 2nd year of Architecture is almost over. Alhamdulillah, results are better than my first year’s, despite the fact that I hated my design for both projects this year and had […]

Truth be told…

19 May 10

(Inspired by Nabeelah’s post). I miss having cats around. I can be very awkward. Sometimes I wish I was a cooler person. I get jealous of people’s personalities. All the time. I can’t draw from my mind. I feel like I have grown up a lot, mentally. (Physically — I’m in denial about that.) I […]

And, ultimately; I am lazy.

7 Sep 09

Tonight, from a combination of several reasons (mainly the fact that my last entry was posted in JULY [?!?!] and seeing other much more productive and loquacious bloggers update their respective journals with such lovely, enlightening posts) I was overcome with the urge to do something with this blog. Fix it up, upgrade, change things, […]


20 May 09

I think those of you who have been reading my entries for awhile, could tell that my blog has become increasingly less personal (wait — increasingly less?! Oxymoron, much? ) . My rants have been limited to projects and assignments, there have been few photos of daily life, of the things I’ve bought, seen, discovered, […]

Especially Superabundant in Quantity

24 Jul 08

(Title refers to the large number of words in this excessively long post. ) Blogging, for me, is one of those things that can become a burden; you feel lazy to do it, it seems to take a ginormous amount of effort, and you start making excuses not to do it, and thus procrastinate like […]