2020 Reading Challenge

2020 Reading Challenge

9 May 20

Last year, by the grace of Allah, I managed to read 40 books in the whole year. In 2018, the total was 26 books. This year inshaAllah the goal is 52 books (but I am already four books behind schedule, bahaha). Regardless, I think keeping a book-reading habit is good for everyone. Even though we […]

List of Thoughts

4 Dec 16

My toddler’s tantrums remind me that I am raising a human being, not an angel. Developing, struggling, changing… they happen to kids at such an amazing rate! It’s on us to help them, forgive them, for they are feeling all sorts of — literally — new things: and even their response to the new feelings […]


Books. The paper kind.

22 Jan 12

Sometime last October, there was a sale called Big Bad — okay I just misspelled that as Bald… eheh ^^;  — Wolf Book Sale; everybody in KL knew about it (and probably went as well, by the looks of it). My  family and I went on the last day, so there wasn’t much of a […]