cloth diapers

Cloth Diapering Adventures

17 Jan 21

[Edited on 22 July 2021: skip here to read the addendum!] I am writing this entry because I think I would’ve loved to have such a guide for myself! Cloth diapering is overwhelming when you start researching; I just wanted to know what people use and what works with reasonable costs. Warning: lots of mum-speak […]

Baby #3 Birth Story

13 Oct 20

Clearly, I find it a struggle to blog about anything these days, but for birth stories: I must write! It’s just something I wish to re-read in the future, or if my kids ask what their births were like, I’ll have them read these themselves (God knows I’ll forget the details anyway). Pregnancy This was […]

A Poem for my other Son

13 Sep 19

One has to be fair when one has two sons, no? 😛 Alhamdulillah Mu’een, you are now two!But subhanAllah, it feels like time just flew,I remember saying to Abi once,it doesn’t feel like we have two sons. Do you want to know why?Because even though you can really cry,I imagined that you’re a pet with […]

Baby#2’s Birth Story

7 Sep 17

Bismillah. In the name of Allah. I have dragged myself here to blog about this important, life-changing milestone that is the birth of our second son!  :boogie: I really wish to have this written down and documented just like Nu’man’s birth story — otherwise I know I would forget the details. The account below is […]

A Letter to my Son

23 May 17

I wanted to write this so I wouldn’t forget, like after he’s no longer my only child, or my mum-brain gets progressively worse over the years… Dearest Nu’man, Even though you are in your Terrible Twos, life with you is not all terrible. It is an honour and a joy to witness and take part […]

List of Thoughts

4 Dec 16

My toddler’s tantrums remind me that I am raising a human being, not an angel. Developing, struggling, changing… they happen to kids at such an amazing rate! It’s on us to help them, forgive them, for they are feeling all sorts of — literally — new things: and even their response to the new feelings […]


The Best Summer

19 Apr 16

Tonight I just felt like writing about my last summer in the UK, which was also my first summer as a wife and my first summer spent in Cambridge (as opposed to Canterbury, Kent). I was actually reminiscing (I hate this word because unlike my husband, I’m not at all a nostalgic person) the time […]

Babyness’ birth story: Part 2

28 May 15

Continuation of Part 1… Written on the evening of Thursday, 12 March 2015 After lugging all our stuff, my husband decided that Mama should come over and spend the night with me. I myself could not envision going through labour alone, and though I was sad that my designated birth companion (my husband), the one […]

Babyness’ Birth Story: Part 1

27 May 15

After a year-long hiatus, evidently I am now feeling up for blogging again. I decided to start with something I’d already written up two months ago, ie. the birth of our baby (nicknamed “Babyness” in the womb :B ). It is a super-detailed account so looks like I’ll have a few parts to it. Muqaddimah […]