Slightly longer entry :P

22 Mar 08

So… the reason I haven’t really been blogging lately is because… I’ve been busy. And lazy, but let’s stick with busy for now. Basically, my one-week holiday was spent preparing for the UCL interview (which turned out to be nothing like I expected) while juggling an art project for school (which is still not complete, […]

Holidays = Good things

3 Dec 07

Blogging time! Imma take the time to separate the entry with different headers, like I used to do. Holidays = Home I was home since the end of the exams, which was November 16th. But, the week before, our Arch Comm lecturer surprised us with the news of having yet another “final” project after Project […]

4 763 words

22 Aug 07

Apparently, that’s how long this entry is. Not including these first two sentences. Yes, it has been over a month (actually… about a month and a half ) since I updated this blog. I really didn’t mean to leave the last entry on for so long, but not only has life gotten so busy since […]

Holiday Happenings

24 Jun 07

Warning: This entry was typed throughout a time span of two weeks, so sorry if some parts are confusing. I don’t know what it is about holidays that make people me really, really lazy. I mean, now that I finally have free time, shouldn’t I be filling it with … oh, I don’t know, productive […]


9 May 07

Typed on Monday, 7 May Haha. I was doing Maths exercises (two chapters behind the one we’re learning right now ) when, as usual, I started to drift off and think of some other distraction to do. The internet is kaput, I’m not hungry, I already had a near 3-hour nap (shhh!), so not in […]

The post full of S'es

20 Jan 07

It’s 7:03 am on a Saturday and I am awake. Usually I just go back to sleep after Subuh prayers (which I wake up for at 6:30), but thinking of my truckload of Maths and Statistics homework … let’s just say I’ll feel completely guilty if I end up waking up at 1pm. Especially since […]

Eid is coming!

20 Oct 06

Edit: I finished the Eid card. Gosh, I’ve really been abandoning this blog. The thought, “maybe I should just delete this whole dang site” always emerges whenever I’m busy with school and/or am too lazy to work on website stuff (like re-writing my content pages, re-collecting my blogroll links, actually blogging regularly, actually visiting my […]