3 Signs, 5 Things

2 Oct 07

[Typed on Sunday but posted on Tuesday ’cause the internet access here has probably died and reincarnated more times than the Dalai Lama. ] I just find the line amusing. (More info about hell right below.) Right now I’m transferring my brother’s files from his 10GB portable hard drive to my computer (it says 105 […]

4 763 words

22 Aug 07

Apparently, that’s how long this entry is. Not including these first two sentences. Yes, it has been over a month (actually… about a month and a half ) since I updated this blog. I really didn’t mean to leave the last entry on for so long, but not only has life gotten so busy since […]

Holiday Happenings

24 Jun 07

Warning: This entry was typed throughout a time span of two weeks, so sorry if some parts are confusing. I don’t know what it is about holidays that make people me really, really lazy. I mean, now that I finally have free time, shouldn’t I be filling it with … oh, I don’t know, productive […]