The Homeless, As and Bs

3 Dec 13

First, a few Facebook status updates just to get us up to speed: 20 October 2013 Sometimes #thelittlethings dawn on you a bit later than the experience itself. Last Friday night, I joined a little activity called an outreach, with two other girls from our society. Basically we go to town to find homeless persons […]

Learning Mandarin

12 Nov 13

So… the opportunity came up for me to take up a wild module at uni this term. I looked through quite a few — the ones that sounded like I could be interested in were: darkroom photography, digital photography, and languages. Of the languages it was down to Arabic (because I learned it when I […]

The making of Tribal Aa

25 Oct 13

“Tribal Aa” is the self-explanatory name of this little print I made. And I’m just going to write a little bit about how it came about. The plain tote bag was found (along with two other cotton tote bags, printed with store promotional images) around the house while spring-cleaning at the end of the summer […]

Sharing is (really) caring 2.0

19 Oct 13

Bismillahirrahmanirrahim… Hehe. Sometime ago I posted an entry called Sharing is (really) caring, which really was just a list of links and online resources related to Islamic knowledge (and stuff) that I regularly utilise or at least have heard good things about. This is an addendum to that, spurred by a Facebook message from a […]


iPad apps

12 Sep 13

Assalamu’alaikum & heyyyy. So I forgot if I ever told you here, but I was given an iPad (3rd generation) by my previous employers last year as a kind of parting gift, after my year in practice. I have previously never been an iUser (because I cannot afford to be one), but subhanAllah, the iPad […]


15 Aug 13

A belated travel video. Alhamdulillah, my housemates and I went on our summer trip to Croatia from 23 May – 30 May 2013, and to Malta from 31 May – 04 June 2013.  I had very little hand in the choice of destination — when they first brought up Croatia, I was like… “What’s in […]

Sewed Satchel

12 Aug 13

Assalamu’alaikum. Hiiii people of the interwebs! I used to blog about craft projects all the time, especially during my post-SPM & A-Level years. It seems like I had so much time back then. Or maybe my interests were just absolutely within the sewing/handicrafts world so that was all I did and talked about! Now I […]

Du’a snippets

19 May 13

Copy-pasted from my Facebook album. To me these are small efforts but with — inshaAllah — huge benefits. (Making things prettier and collectible/compilable tends to help in attracting/remembering/practising these recitations + the meanings. ) The du’as are from iPad apps, mostly. And the typing/doodling is in an iPad app too, called Inkflow Plus.

Longer sketchy video

7 May 13

  But excuse the music / sudden ending / hand-that-blocks-your-view. Heh. Exams coming up soon! Pray for us!

Sketchy video

3 May 13

I need to go outside the house and listen to the birds once in a while.