cloth diapers

Cloth Diapering Adventures

17 Jan 21

[Edited on 22 July 2021: skip here to read the addendum!] I am writing this entry because I think I would’ve loved to have such a guide for myself! Cloth diapering is overwhelming when you start researching; I just wanted to know what people use and what works with reasonable costs. Warning: lots of mum-speak […]

Baby #3 Birth Story

13 Oct 20

Clearly, I find it a struggle to blog about anything these days, but for birth stories: I must write! It’s just something I wish to re-read in the future, or if my kids ask what their births were like, I’ll have them read these themselves (God knows I’ll forget the details anyway). Pregnancy This was […]

More Home Improvement DIYs

30 Jun 20

The last post about our DIY projects was written over two years ago! We’ve since built even more stuff, what with the months of MCO this year and trying to keep physically & mentally sound at the same time.

One of my favourite sketches

How did I do all that sketching?

10 May 20

Sometimes parts of your life feel like another lifetime. For me, one of those parts would be the years that I spent in a local private school after returning here (from the US, where I was born). I was around 5-7 years old and don’t remember a whole lot about it now. (Trivia: my husband […]

2020 Reading Challenge

2020 Reading Challenge

9 May 20

Last year, by the grace of Allah, I managed to read 40 books in the whole year. In 2018, the total was 26 books. This year inshaAllah the goal is 52 books (but I am already four books behind schedule, bahaha). Regardless, I think keeping a book-reading habit is good for everyone. Even though we […]

A Poem for my other Son

13 Sep 19

One has to be fair when one has two sons, no? ๐Ÿ˜› Alhamdulillah Mu’een, you are now two!But subhanAllah, it feels like time just flew,I remember saying to Abi once,it doesn’t feel like we have two sons. Do you want to know why?Because even though you can really cry,I imagined that you’re a pet with […]

Staying at Home

29 Aug 19

It’s taken me four years to appreciate not having to go to work! – Me, 2019 I don’t find it easy to write about life as a “stay-at-home mother” (first offโ€” can we get rid of that phrase already?) because I’m still conflicted about many things. Yes, I’m extremely grateful! No, I didn’t choose to […]

The Beautiful Names of Allah

14 Mar 19

Most of us would probably have memorised the Asma’ul Husna (Beautiful Names of Allah) via classic nasheeds as a child. But for years I’d wanted to go through them properly and learn the meanings and background, especially in order to include His Names when making du’a. There are already various online resources for this, eg: […]

Houseplants bring Happiness

12 Mar 19

I attribute my brand-new interest in houseplants to the following factors: Current trends on social media, especially on Pinterest. I’m mostly attracted to houseplants as functional decor items, because I’m not quite the minimalist (I love having things around the house to look at and be inspired by) but I don’t like buying knickknacks just […]

Zipper Neckline T-shirt Hack

11 Mar 19

Introduction / Rant If there’s one piece of practical advice I can give to any female person who intends to have children one day — stock up on breastfeeding-friendly clothes. Even if you’re not pregnant yet! I swear people make such a business out of nursing-friendly clothes nowadays. My problem with the ones on the […]