An old 2011 self-portrait.

Self-portrait, 2011.

The blogger

  • I am Aneesah. Twentysomething-year-old Architecture graduate / freelance designer / work-at-home mother.
  • I like making things that I can use. I like it better when I don’t spend a penny to make it.
  • I like to blog and share my creations. I used to do it loads and now miss it.
  • My interests include reading, Facebooking, YouTubing, reading, letter-writing, laughing, food, cats, discovering how things work, Islam, crafting and making.

The blog

  • I started to blog in 2003, at a fansite called Aneesah’s Harry Potter Site. I outgrew drawing fan art and soon deleted it.
  • Aneesah’s Hideaway was created in 2004 as a personal website. I used to code and design the layouts myself (not all of which I am proud of), and learned HTML and CSS along the way.
  • The online world has changed drastically over the years, but I still believe in blogging as a powerful medium of sharing and reflecting.
  • At the end of August 2010, six years after the site was created, Aneesah’s Hideaway moved to its own domain.

Selected blog entries

Aneesah’s other hideaways


If, for any matter, you find the need to get in touch with me privately, feel free to use the form below. There is also a guestbook to sign, if you wish.