By Aneesah, 13 Nov 11

…are awesome. Only when you don’t have to work during them, though. :T Not going to babble anymore about work in this entry (alhamdulillah, at least today, Sunday is free ^_^ butonlyafterbeingintheofficetill9:30pmyesterday 😥 ). Or trying not to. 😛

Last weekend we had an extra day off for Aidiladha, which fell on a Sunday. I used the time to finish off this project I started working on the previous weekend. You’ve probably seen the photos on Facebook, and I do not have much more to say about it other than the description there, so the following photos are to show the updated collages:

They just have a bit more “trinkets” glued or pinned on them according to colour. 😀 Oh, and the project I recycled the canvas boards from was this one about textiles and fabric-formed plaster whatevers.

I thought I should mention some of the inspiration for this sort of colour-coordinated collage art. Colormekatie is one of my favourites, her life (hence, blog and Flickr) is full of these rainbowy things. Eg:

Isn’t this gorgeous? I don’t think I even have enough stuff of each colour to arrange in this way. ^^

The sort of “paint chip” idea also reminded me of this hue test someone shared on Facebook. I did not do incredibly well on it, but hey. :B In real life, organizing 855 squares on three canvases while enduring the humidity *can’t have the fan spinning too fast, you know? X( * and finding the balance between time & “accuracy” is much much harder.

Next is another mini-gallery of analogue photos I’ve taken, since the last entry with lomopics was only of my first roll using the juice box camera. I’ve since tried positive (slide) film, of several ISOs and cross-processing. And the actionsampler camera my brother found around the house (I haven’t used it since I got it as a prize from a TV show eons ago). I find that this kind of photography is brilliant for going on trips or just somewhere outside of where your life usually revolves around. Somewhere colourful. But then again, I’m only at that level of using analogue cameras with ZERO settings. ^^; More fancy cameras can do cooler stuff.

And… that is it. Time just flies nowadays, life is just about  work, home, cats, friend’s weddings (not that I’ve been able to attend them due to item #1 in the list 🙄 )… but I am always around on Facebook and Tumblr. I spend weeknights reading articles (not so much video lectures because they take more time 🙁 ) and sharing them, like I always used to do when I had more time for myself.

On weekends I do things like cutting a million square papers. 😆 Kidding, never again. 😛

Laters! Wassalam!


  1. Nabeelah says:

    “Time just flies nowadays, life is just about work, home, cats, friend’s weddings (not that I’ve been able to attend them due to item #1 in the list”
    Sounds like how I live now, too, except that in my version, item #2 macam non-existent since I can’t go home that often due to item #1.

  2. Oh my gosh, your collages are REALLY nice!! Can I buy one to put up in my room? Hehe! Seriously though, you are really creative, I really love all of your art!!!

    Your photos are gorgerous too! 🙂 You have a true talent for art, I really envy that. 🙂

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