DIY bar stool makeover

By Aneesah, 2 Oct 11

Assalamu’alaikum, heya peoples. I won’t be writing much in this entry (because I don’t feel like it & because this entry does not need too many words), so the pictures shall explain! The project was my mum’s, I just helped make things more complicated here and there. :P This was done in a weekend(ish), some weeks ago. I just haven’t had any spare time (for realz. Like being-in-the-office-all-day-till-nighttime-on-Saturday-and-Sunday kind of for realz. *_* ) to arrange these pictures and stuff.

This is the final before/after. (I know, I'm such a spoiler! :P ) I would like to think it is an improvement.

Close-up of the uh, cat issues on the existing fake leather upholstery.^^;

Disassembling the armrest piece (Allen key to the rescue! My mum didn't even know that it was possible to separate the arms from the seat. I insisted on trying.) We also discovered that the black tube had a zipper for easy removal.

The armrest cover we made was just a very long tube with open ends. After turning it right side out, I fed the cover till they formed ruffles. Without the ruffles, the arms looked plain and a bit flat, like just sleeves.

This is the seat cover. I had quilt batting so we cut a circle to the seat size, then pinned and basted (read: jelujur in BM :) ) the fabric to the batting.

Heh. The quilting pins formed a cool radial pattern, I bet it would function just fine if this was the finished seat. :P Bit sharp, maybe.

Picture of Larry folding his paws because Larry lives in the kitchen.

Finished basting the seat piece. Hand-stitching is never a favourite task, but it's quite necessary.

This type of hand-stitching, however, is avoidable. But only if you have mad machine-quilting skills. :( I did attempt to machine-stitch the quilting but my mum disapproved of the result. -_-; And so, hand-embroidery it was...

The fabric pattern was of flowers, but because we didn't do all of the lines, the quilting looked like butterflies instead. My mum sewed a casing (kinda like a "waistband" or a hem) all around the circle so we could feed in elastic and then tie the ends together.

Oh, this is my brother with the seat cover (looks like a PhD hat!), and the stool with the arms attached. We discovered (the hard way :| ) that the arms had to be attached before the seat cover.

I'm not sure you can see anything besides the redness, but my fingers were very sore. *_* I think we took over an hour just to attach the arms back. Very awkward alignment and hole issues...

Ze finished products! :boogie: Did I even mention there were two stools? There are two stools.

And I stole one of them to go with my new desk-shelf thingy in my room. The desk-shelf thingy still rests on a stack of books and a stack of shoeboxes. We figured we needed a more powerful drill :/ ...


End. I have this terrible stomachache, I thought it might be from yesterday’s tea (I cannot drink tea, it always gives me stomachaches. But if somebody has already poured you a cup, as a guest I can’t not drink it, no? :shake: ), but maybe it’s something else I ate today. Hmm.

Anyhow. Hope everyone’s well and happy, inshaAllah. Ttylaterz.

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