The Shmolies

By Aneesah, 4 Sep 11


noun. plural shmoli, shmolieses.

  1. a small domesticated carnivore, Felis domestica  or F. catus,  bred in a number of varieties.


cat, kitty, kitteh, kucing, meow, ngiau, ming.


The word my brother started using for cats, any kind. I thought it might’ve originated from the name Rabbi Shmuley; he was always on TV a couple of years ago, but really only Anas knows. Apparently the maid used to pronounce it as “semoli” (meaning one moli in Malay — not that moli actually means anything), and we joked by turning it into “dua moli” (two moli), “tiga moli” (three moli).

Such is the weirdness of our household. -_-;

We’ve always had pets at our home, at the minimum it was: fish. In the pond, in aquariums. We’ve also had bunnies, birds, chickens (the small “decorative” kind, that laid similarly small eggs), oh and tortoises to go with the fish, and of course, cats. In the old house, stray cats just came and lepaked at our garden. We gave them names, and food, but they weren’t really ours. The names were many: Munchkin, Cloudy, Messy, Straighty, Grey, you get the idea. Then we were actually allowed to officially have cats again (some of my brothers had asthma issues), and there were a couple of batches of kitties we adopted/raised. But you know how cats are usually quite… short term. They die, they disappear… :(

Munchkin, Bushy and ... Blacky? Munchkin stole my double cheeseburger (literally from the dining table). Evil Munchkin. This was years ago.

Now we have three surviving shmoli. On to the pictures!


Current photo of Fifty. He used to be chubbier. =C Fifty was named so because we adopted him from SPCA for RM50.=P

Fifty likes to sleep funny/crazy.

Me vidcalling with Fifty at the uni library in 2010. =P Oh, all our current cats are male and spayed. Less issues that way. =_=

I stole this picture from Farah's album, sorry Farah! This was two years ago, see how different Fifty's face is! The reason for the weight loss is likely...

This. :( He stays in a cage at night, because the neighbours used to complain of him prawling around (as in, inside people's houses and yards and ponds and there was even an accusation of tortoise-eating but let us not acknowledge such sillyness).

Fifty doesn't really have any other nicknames... Maybe Fiftyness (I add -ness to every possible word).

Nowadays he likes to sleep a lot. That's not really meant to be a catbed, but he's pretty much made it his own.=/


Oh, Fifty sometimes drinks water with his paw. My brothers said they saw him doing this at SPCA and were like, "Yeap. That's the cat."

Fifty's active tail.



Larry was adopted as a kitten from Mama's friend. He came with Gary (as in Spongebob's snail-cat), a cousin. But Gary's passed away now. :( It used to be Gary the Grey, Larry the Light.

But, Larry has a specialty. His fur changes colour as he grows. @_@

Now his body is almost entirely grey! Maybe one day he will get completely black.=T

Larry quite likes roofs, stairs and sinks.

Larry is also called Lar, Larr-Larr, gemuk, gumuks, fat, lembik. etc. I say he needs to go on a diet.

Larry's widening face.=P



Skinny is less photographed because he's a typical shorthair ginger Malaysian cat. But he's Mr. Personality. Oh, he came with a brother, Fatty, adopted from another friend, but Fatty has also passed. :'(

He likes sleeping against people, butting into people's legs, and he answers calls. (Nicknames include Skin & Skin-Skin.) This was two years ago. When I came back this summer, he didn't even recognise me anymore. =_=

Skinny sits weird... All splayed out. Apparently some cats just like it this way.

Skinny likes dining tables. Dining tables are his bed. Even when we are eating on it.

Skinny's evilface. Skinny has lots of faces, most notably boredface, up there.

No animated gifs of Skinny because... I don't really know. But Skinny and Fifty don't get along very well. Neither do Larry and Fifty. Generation gap, maybe?


So to conclude, cats are awesome. Their food is ridiculously overpriced but otherwise, they’re so interesting to observe / photograph, so squishy to cuddle, so fun to disturb. :P

You will be needing lint rollers around, though.

Credit: Anas for some of the photos.


  1. kimberly says:

    your cats are too cute!! I feel like squishing Larry (just have a thing for fat animals), must be fun having them around, like having 3 other children in the family lol.. well at least that’s what having dogs are like!

    • Aneesah says:

      Ha’ah, I’ve gotten used to my mum going all, “sayang mamaaa, bucuk2” on Fifty, as if he’s a human baby. -_-; I guess since my siblings are all big we now need kittehs to smother. :P

  2. Nabeelah says:

    Oren, our neighbour-at-the-previous-house’s cat (the enormous ginger bobtail that adopted us because he merajuk-ed when there was a new batch of kittens at HIS house), has an evil face exactly like Skinny’s. The rest of the time, it’s hungry face and sleepy face.
    Which weird neighbour shouted “tortoise-eater!”? Did they say what happened to the tortoise’s shell?

    • Aneesah says:

      The neighbour wrote in the yahoogroups message board for this Taman, as in, publicly, describing the cat and tuduh macam2 la. I think my mum forwarded the e-mail to me but I can’t find it. Bahasa pun memang very the un-polite. X(

      I do wonder what happened to the tortoise shell.

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