Origami cranes fill our wall

By Aneesah, 29 Aug 11


Apologies beforehand, in case this entry sounds more hurried than usual (ha!) — I am meant to be asleep, since early tomorrow morning we’ll be heading balik kampung for Eid ul Fitri. :yay: So long story short, these are pictures of a little deco project that my mum and I did for the dining room wall. Because… I don’t know. It was her idea. :B

No, this is not the thing. This was the inspiration, at a shopping mall. The cranes were folded by members of the public as a charity project for Japan.

So it's basically lots of folding of magazine papers. We used this tutorial: http://monkey.org/~aidan/origami/crane/

We did nine cranes per string (ie. crochet thread ^^), with beads strung through to stop them from bunching together (knots would work too, I guess, if the string and paper were thicker). I didn't knot the beads in, they just stayed in place from the string's tension. This way, their positions were still adjustable after they're hung up.:D

Collection of old beads that I used. The chosen ones were pretty random.

We did these over the course of a couple of weeks, during Ramadhan. In total there were over 100 birds. :D I cannot imagine how people can manage 1000. ><

Unsurprisingly, these little fluttering things attracted the cats.-_-;

Skinny eyeing a target. I promise I'll do a cats-at-home entry one day inshaAllah.:P

One line done!

More lines done! Kind of in a grid pattern... not really. :P Our house has this weird void with railings at the end of one ceiling (even as an architect, I do not understand the point of such a design), which we had covered with planks of wood instead (and then had the railing removed upstairs). So that is how the strings were hung across the wall.

See? Some papers were thicker / nicer than others, but it doesn't matter much. It's biodegradable and budget-friendly deco.:)

The shadows are what makes them work. ^^ And I like it when the paper print works with the shape (colourful heads/tails/wings).

Done! Whee!

And this is a little gif I made to show them moving in the wind. Fun!


The photos above are mostly from my brother, Anas. He has some fancy new lens for his Nikon. :suspicious:

Eid Mubarak to all Muslims, and take care everybody! Bye-bye! :heart:


  1. Meream says:

    Oh wow, those look awesome.

    One question: have the cats tried to “play” with them? :D

    • Aneesah says:

      When they were unhung; yes, but since we didn’t hang them all the way to the floor (just cabinet-height), now they couldn’t play even if they wanted to. :P

  2. TWD says:

    This is beautiful, masha’Allah! I love that the shadows have a little bit of color, and the motion adds a little punch, too. It’s a fantastic decorating idea; I’ve always been a bit sad with my plain walls so I might try something similar!

    Eid Mubarak. :)

  3. kimberly says:

    beautifulll!!! :D Cannot imagine how sore your hands must have been after that though! love it all the same, selamat hari raya again and enjoy your balik kampung trip! p/s ur kucings sooooooo kiutt

  4. Nabeelah says:

    pretty pretty pretty! I want your cats! All of them! and the kuih raya jars (the one in the picture with the cat) look exactly like the ones we use at home!

  5. Vera says:

    What do you mean it’s not the thing? You don’t live at the mall? :o

    Heh, I rather like the outcome… but can imagine it must’ve taken you a mall eternity to set it all up. :nod: It came out wonderfully, though. :yay:

    • Vera says:

      ahem… that should’ve been “small eternity” :P

      • Aneesah says:

        Hee. :) It didn’t take that long, the sewing and hanging bits maybe took two nights (mostly one night :P ). The paper-folding were done while watching TV / YouTube / waiting for everybody to finish getting ready to go out / etc. :nod:

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