I survived my Architecture degree!

By Aneesah, 29 Jun 11

Alhamdulillah. :boogie:

Actually, results came out ages two weeks ago, I just didn’t bother writing a blog post to announce it. :P I did not achieve very high marks at all, but neither did I fail miserably, and for that I am mega thankful. Indeed we learn so much more from our (near) failures, downfalls, mistakes and weaknesses.

So far I have just been packing stuff, making things and enjoying this beautiful place that I live in. I forgot if I’ve mentioned this stuff before, but the route that has been set for me after graduation is basically:

  1. Go back to Malaysia (this is my choice, since I haven’t been back in two years).
  2. Find work in an architecture firm.
  3. Work for a minimum of three months in one firm, for a minimum total of six months.
  4. Apply for a Part II programme (a second degree), likely at this same university because of some sponsor requirements.
  5. Enrol in said programme, and stick it for two years (if I manage to get through, that is).
  6. Hopefully survive another architecture degree.
  7. Go back to Malaysia for good, find work, then work.
  8. I haven’t really thought this far yet. :suspicious:

True, I will be pretty old by the time I finish studying. =/ But I don’t really care.

Fun stuff below:

Our town has a river and boat trips along it during Spring and Summer, so this was my first experience on one.

Crochet graduation teddy following a tutorial (click through for the link).

Upcycled bag from a denim skirt, for a friend of mine.

Zipper pencil case, for another friend. Cut up an old plaid shirt to make the piping.

This is not new, but I haven't used this bag much and won't be needing it much either. If anybody would like it, it's listed on ebay at the moment.

Thanks for all your prayers and wishes, bye for now!


  1. Congratulations on getting your degree!! Good luck finding an architecture firm to work for!

    That teddy is sooo cute though!

  2. MaryamH says:

    ooh where are you looking to work? i know there are a buncha places at setiawangsa where i work..also cant wait to meet up!

    • Aneesah says:

      I have no idea where I’m going to apply yet. (More like tak nak pikir lagi eheh heh. ^^; ) But definitely need to meet up insyaAllah. :D

  3. Nabeelah says:

    HOW do you find the time to make all these things?

    • Aneesah says:

      Ya Allah, I seriously takde keje, Nabeelah. ^^; Packing is a slow process, CV and portfolio terabai, and nak use up as much of the junk old clothes I have so tak membazir / kena bawak balik. So other than housekeeper-ing (my housemates all kerja), this is what I do. :D

  4. Vera says:

    CONGRATS! That’s awesome news! I find it even more amazing that you want to return. Granted, I know nothing of Malaysia… buuut I do know I had a hard time leaving London after a week. Then again, maybe 4 years is different. :P

    Wow you want to go back to studying? That’s nice. I was sooo happy to finish uni I couldn’t start working soon enough.

    Sooo Good Luck in finding THE best job and getting accepted to Part II program :clap:

    • Aneesah says:

      Haha. Incidentally, I actually can’t stand London… :P I’ve just always kept the mindset of being a student in the UK, I don’t really belong, I’m just on a venture of gaining knowledge and experience and I shall come back home one day, a wiser person. :)

      Thanks so much, hopefully working life won’t completely deter me from Architecture.

      • Vera says:

        Perhaps it’s different with architecture, or the type of studying that’s done in the UK, but I felt like what I was studying and what I was working on had precious little to do with each other.

        So school started to seem rather annoying. Luckily I only started to work towards the end of my senior year (unlike my colleagues who did a year sooner). I always found it so weird how they suddenly started missing almost all classes. :nod:

  5. Jerry says:

    hey, stumbled on your blog. Congrats on your achievement thus far and good luck in your future endeavors! :)

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