Summer is here

By Aneesah, 5 Jun 11

Sort of, I guess. Since it’s June and all. Photo post this time because we went on a few holiday-ish trips (this always happens when you get guests here. You bring them to nice places, some of which even you’ve never been before. ^^; ), although I do have one more portfolio deadline to meet.

Canterbury, my adopted home for 3 years. I will miss seeing fields of daisies.

Colourful beach huts in Whitstable, a neighbouring town (20-minute bus ride).

Sunset in Whitstable.

The famous white cliffs, Dover. About 40 minutes away by bus.

Jump shots make pictures fun! There are two Aneesahs in this pic.:P

Our first ferry ride, from Dover to Calais.

We were totally "jakun". I can't properly translate that word, it's like... overenthusiasm over something new, although it may or may not deserve it.

Boulogne, France. Without doubt the widest, cleanest beach I've ever seen. (Not that I've seen many, but still.)


Almost sunset, on the English channel.

There is a melancholic side to recalling all my travels… because in Malaysia I would hardly have any chance to go anywhere. Indeed, students who study overseas are blessed to have so many opportunities. To see (some parts of) the world, gain experience, draw lessons from them all. Not that this is impossible if you’re in your homeland, of course, but somehow the restrictions are greater for many of us when we’re back home. I feel that there is still so many things to see and so many places to go to.

It is He Who subjected the earth for you, therefore tread its paths and eat from Allah’s sustenance; and towards Him is the resurrection.
– Al-Qur’an (67:15)



  1. wow.. so beautiful.. jelousnya =)

  2. Meream says:

    I just love your holiday shots! You are like my National Geographic or something. Haha

  3. Shiri says:

    Hurrah for summer! Yeah jump shots are just awesome. Great photos!

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