When skies are blue

By Aneesah, 21 May 11

Salaam, ‘ellow peoples. This entry was just going to be another photo series (of sky shots this time), but I then decided to stick in a few YouTube videos, so … now it’s not just about skies, ok? Just a heads up. :P

When I was a kid in school, I’ve always said my favourite colour was blue: specifically sky blue, more specifically the colour of the sky when you get super huge puffy white clouds. This was back in Malaysia, of course. Here, in the beginning, I only noticed sky-wise, the fact that it’s so frequently overcast (when the sky is either pure white or dull grey). It was really something that you needed to get used to (since it is actually quite depressing. Lack of sunlight, I suppose?). But when my brother Anas came to visit last Autumn, he kept taking photos of the sky. (He, unlike me, has a big ol’ fancy Nikon DSLR.) I asked on Facebook, later on:

Lain ke langit UK dengan langit Malaysia?
Is the UK sky different than Malaysia’s?

To which he answered:


(Clearly Anas is a one-word-answer kinda brother.)

Anyhow. These were some of the pics he took:

Wispy clouds at the street near our house.

That pole has been the subject of many a photo...

Sometime nearing sunset, I reckon. It's only during Autumn and Winter that I can see proper sunsets. Now the setting sun just gets hidden behind people's houses. >_>

I realised that I, too, actually have been photographing skyscapes over these 3 years. Only when the sky is blue, though. I guess that’s what makes blue skies so precious — the fact that we barely get them, even in Spring or Summer. *_* But every time you wake up in the morning to be greeted by a blue sky, it’s just indescribable. :D Immediate mood-booster. :clap: Oh, and I guess what makes the sky different here is the clouds and light. The sunlight is fairly boring when you’re near the Equator… ^^;

My stuff will just be in little thumbnails. A lot of these are cameraphone snaps. Ignore the funky image titles that show up when you click on them. :P

The YouTube bit is just to share some of the lessons that we can extract from the simplest videos. For me this has been part of “growing up” — trying to find benefits and lessons from anything I do, even watching stuff that’s meant to be for “entertainment” purposes.

This first one is from tonight’s episode of Britain’s Got Talent. Now I don’t normally watch TV shows at all here (because *cough* we-don’t-have-a-TV-nor-a-TV-license) but this clip is pretty cool:

Click through to go to YouTube, since I can't embed this one.

What I found interesting, other than his obvious talent, was something he said:

Originally, I didn’t have a piano at home, so what I used to do: I used to imagine the music in my head, or hear the notes, and it got to the point that I actually drew the piano on a piece of paper and I used to play it.

Limitations can indeed be blessings. You see this all the time in different fields too, even art. (Eg. not wanting to spend money for expensive supplies, so you make your own or make do with what is available. Sometimes you get results that those pricey tools can never achieve.)

Next is the adorable Nina:

Throughout challenges; you may complain, you may whine, you may get very depressed after failing a million times, and chances are you may well end up with dozens of battle scars and bruises. But like Nina’s Papa pointed out: those marks say that you keep trying, that you are determined. And Nina is just the sweetest/smartest/most mature five-year-old ever! (If you have yet to watch the rest of her videos, please do. My particular favourite is this Fancy one.)

This last one… shows that… cats are awesome. Japanese cats in particular. ^_^ And that little things (like watching a cat slide itself into a box and proceed to contently stay there while swishing its tail back and forth…) can be so, so amusing. God is Great. :boogie:

Maru oh Maru! :heart:

I really should make a separate cat post one day… :B

Speaking of YouTube, other notable channels that I subscribe to (my YouTube life is not very old — I never used my account for subscribing to people before last year or so) are:

  1. WongFuProductions — really high quality independent short films / music videos / vlogs.
  2. khalifahklothing — Islamic lectures, many from the US.
  3. charlieissocoollike — I don’t subscribe to many vloggers, but I find his vids unique / funny / informative.
  4. Music people — boyceavenue, davidchoimusic, kinagrannis, gootmusic, etc.
  5. The new generation of Malaysians-living-overseas vloggers: aimanazlan90, matluthfi90, IniAnwarHadi and shahrincool.

Feel free to share your latest YouTube finds. :D Gotta go drown myself in AutoCAD now, byes.


  1. Saffa says:

    Yes. Indeed! Mmg tak sama. (Refer to warna pelangi)

    So depressing bila tengok langit kat Malaysia. Susah sangat nak dapat blue-ish sky. :fist:

    Masa Saffa pergi kat Hatyai dulu, the sky is so blue-ish & there are a lot of clouds berkepul-kepul sampai tak berhenti-henti amik gambar! :clap:

    Gosh. How I wish Internet kat UIA ni laju. Nak tengok those videos. :cry:

  2. sofi says:

    Salam :) I agree with the differences in the colour of the sky n the sunlights… We do get veeery blue (sometimes cloudless) sky here especially in summer ^_^ And the sunrise and sunset here are more colourful than in Malaysia. One of the things I will miss soon for sure… ;(

    I stalk nina at times, too. hehe. she is just brilliant, isn’t she? one of my faves is the one where she says sorry to her dad for being mad the day before. a 5-year-old (i think, at that time) who knows how to properly apologise is quite something (many adults don’t). :)

    And I love khalifahklothing’s channel too. :)

    Aneesah, you always give the coolest links on facebook- jazakillahu khairan kathira! :D

    • Aneesah says:

      Wa’alaikumsalaam wrt,

      indeed! One of my friends here lives by the beach, and her sunset photos this Spring look amazing, mashaAllah. We’re planning on making a photobook out of her collection. :dance:
      I remember that video of Nina! *kantoi dah khatam tengok their whole YouTube :suspicious: * Nina’s parents claim they takdelah didik Nina cara special ape pun, tapi I guess it made me realise kalau the child memang already such good-natured, ditambah lagi dengan an Islamic upbringing by the parents, subhanAllah, what a beautiful generation we can have…

      It’s my pleasure re: link-sharing on FB. :D Glad they are relatable and beneficial iA. I might write another entry just about getting/sharing links! :P

  3. MaryamH says:

    i love taking pictures of the sky!! and i think in general, blue skies are more frequent away from the equator. must have something to do with light scattering or something probably maybe? :P

  4. HAHAH, you watch WongFu also?! My sister started watching them recently; she’s known about them for a few years, but never really watched it until now. LOL.

    I usually just watch Straight No Chaser(haha, they’re not really YouTube though… Haha) and Sam Tsui.

    Anyway, I love skyscrape pictures also! I love the different shades of blue. My favorite color’s blue, but I don’t know what shade. Haha.

    • Aneesah says:

      I love WongFu! Talented, funny, beautiful videos too. I’ve never come across Straight No Chaser ^^; , will check it out. And many different shades of blue are beautiful but the ones in the sky are just so calming to me.

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