Vlog 10: From Winter to Spring

By Aneesah, 3 Mar 10

Edited to add: Heh, I realised that I already had a Vlog 10, so this is meant to be #11. ^^; But oh well. Who’s counting. :P Also, oddly enough — I said later as “lay-tah” in that vid as well.

Hiya! 18-minute long vlog, be prepared:

Aneesah’s 10th Vlog on Vimeo. Sorry if you have to turn your volume up. ^^;

A few points to add:

  • My swollen hand — blood tests showed everything normal, so the doctor said it is probably just because of the cold. No medication for these things except high blood pressure medication (?!?!), which I am not at all keen on taking, so basically there’s nothing much to do other than keep warm. Another doctor suggested getting an x-ray to check for a cervical rib, which apparently, some people have, but I’m really reluctant to go all the way to the hospital blablabla only to find out it’s not the problem again. =T The hand’s mostly fine though, not 100% normal-looking, and a bit of scarred skin from all the stretching, but it doesn’t bother me much…
  • Vienna Facebook albums — The Journey, The Streets, The Museums. The Buildings will be coming later. Too many pics. :suspicious:
  • MBSoc blog, which I didn’t make the theme (just the header, haha), but I manage and edit the stuff there.

Okay just about it. Later, peeps!


  1. nadiah says:

    awesome vlog!
    love it damn much~ weeeee =) hahah, that music box, do we need to like pusing it all da way to make it play the music?
    waiting for more interesting posts of yours ‘later” =P

  2. Aneesah says:

    Ha’ah, when I stop pusing the music doesn’t play. There’s like a mini piano inside, with tiny keys. Comel! ^_^
    Oh, lay-derrr ke laytah ke layter? ;)

  3. I haven’t looked at the pictures yet, but I will some time later when I’m on Facebook.

    I hope your hand will be better soon, and hopefully it’s just because of your cold!

    Haha, that’s funny that you said the country’s not good at handling the snow. Glad you haven’t fell yet! I’ve never been in the ice/snow before, but it sounds scary because I have an online friend who fell recently because of the ice… =/
    Hehe, I’ve never bought expensive shoes either. My sister has, since her feet are really sensitive… =/
    OMG, those animations are really cool! I’ve never seen the YouTube/Facebook videos. Hmm.

    Good luck with your landscaping project!

    Hahahah! I know what you mean about how you can’t help complain about money! Someone mentioned that to me last year, and how I was complaining about money, and they got annoyed, and it kind of got us in a fight… LOL.

    Wow, your room looks pretty big.

    LOL, for some reason, I expected something would pop up when you were playing the music box. LOL.

    Haha! That’s so cute about your accent thing! When you said you didn’t know which accent to speak in.

  4. Jen says:

    I’m very glad to hear that your hand is getting back to normal even without medication. I wonder why the high blood pressure medication would work tho?

    Vienna is such a beautiful city — so lucky to have been able to visit! And such a pity that architecture schools down here don’t take their cohort overseas :P
    My Internet is ridiculously slow right now so loading your vlog will take me ages — I’ll come back next time :)

  5. MaryamH says:

    aneesah! the animation thing is really cool!! do u have the utubelink? and i absolutely looove musicboxes, the real ones. i have one that plays sakura

  6. Aneesah says:

    Yeaps, I did a quick search. I found some that even teach you how to do it. :D

  7. MK says:

    hello aneesah remember me?
    Ive been trying to find your blog for the longest time I thought it had died! hahaha

  8. Aneesah says:

    Hey man, of course I remember! :P And I’m still in the same address and all, aren’t I? ^^; Technically this blog isn’t dead but it really needs a good updating. :suspicious:

    • MK says:

      Mine as well but … lol I think you’d agree with me that as we grow up in college we eventually run out of things to blog

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