Forever 21

By Aneesah, 8 Feb 10

snowSeries of shots from today’s flurries.Hello! Yes it is my birthday today, and as of 9:19 am Texas time (which was quite a few hours ago), I am now 21 years old. :nod: I definitely had a good one, thank you — the Kent Uni gang threw a “surprise” dinner party last night, with chocolate cake and fajitas and soto and all. :boogie: Today would’ve been a very average Monday (one morning lecture, one afternoon tutorial, work for tutorial done during the gap between lecture and tutorial, ladida dida :P ), if not for the many Facebook wall posts clogging my inbox (the notification count is nearing 100 now, I’m afraid), and — snow! I can’t believe how long this winter is, the snowy period is supposed to have stopped by now! :shakefist: I know I say I love snow, just not when I have to walk to campus (I don’t own boots) and it’s the kind that melts as soon as it touches the ground, and turns into brown slush that’s so icky to walk on.

Anyhow. This post will be full of photos, just because I’ve been wanting to do a “Photography” entry ever since I got my new camera. :D Yes I bought myself a new one late last year, because my old 5MP Canon Digital IXUS izoom is about 5 years old already, and it had problems with the LCD screen flickering white, and battery dying out too quickly, and I simply wanted a better camera to take along to Spain last month. ;) The camera of choice is a Panasonic Lumix DMC-LX3, which I first came across via May-Ann‘s Facebook album. It’s just in that range between compacts and SLRs, and I don’t want an SLR because of the bulkiness.

[OK I said this entry will be full of photos, but apparently it will be full of words too. As usual. :suspicious: Forgive me.]

I love the camera, of course. ^_^ So much more useful than a point-and-shoot. I do agree with reviews that say the LX3 has a tendency to overblow pictures in certain conditions, but it’s not that big of a deal for me.

On to the photos.

cameraThe reason this set of pictures is first is because the camera’s in that one. :P The LX3 looks quite classic / vintage / old skool, it’s definitely not one of those sleek new shiny designs. The flower pins and wonderful children’s book (originally in French) were gifts from Nabeelah, my best friend. I received the letter in late January, and unfortunately disobeyed the envelope’s instructions. ^^; I just couldn’t restrain myself, and read the book that very night! Nabeelah doesn’t mind though, heheh. :heart:

kittyShe also carved this kitty stamp. See, we share many hobbies. ;) The only other person who ever made stamps for me made this one. FB friends might know who. :P

mugAnother birthday gift (the colourful hearts mug) from my housemate Adibah. ^_^ I actually spoiled the whole thing by discovering her purchase of the mug when we went to Ashford, but honestly it didn’t even occur to me that it was for me! :P So all is well, haha.

Speaking of which, there is a video recording of their sneakiness (they hid in the bathroom, lit the birthday cake in there and all :lol: ), but I think you have to add me on Facebook to view it. (OK is that the third time I’ve mentioned FB already? I swear I do have a life. :| ) Next are some older photos around the time I first got the camera.

snowI started a Bedroom Window series, although the view from my window isn’t really that great. This was a zoomed in, cropped version of what greeted me in those snowy days… I have a ton more snow pictures and videos; they probably need their own post one day. :T

cloudsI love the clouds and silhouetted trees.

nightSunset :)

The next ones will be from our 6-day Spain trip during winter break. It was such an experience. I won’t go into detail because… because then I’m afraid it will be REALLY detailed, but there was the good and the bad, and the fun and the memorable and the cool and the awesome. Traveling has just everything and I’m so glad we went. :dance: These are just a selection of my favourite shots. Bear in mind these were from FB, so the quality’s not great.





Also we made a few of these type of photo series, they’re very fun:

I’m afraid you’ll have to make do without captions, I’m all tired now. ^^; The full albums are viewable here, here, and here. Although there are indeed more that have yet to be uploaded (I believe it’s the same case with my fellow travellers — the Monday after we came back was the start of term, and now, weeks after, the mood and motivation to get uploading has dissipated).

I think that’s it for now. Obviously I haven’t been able to finish the new theme / WP upgrading process stuff, but ngeh… priorities. :/ I’m going to Vienna in two weeks for an Architecture field trip, so that’ll be fun. In the meantime it’s more assignments and projects to work on… though I still like the perks of taking Architecture, ie. no exams or "studying". :) Talk to you all later, thanks for the wishes and everything!

Thank you!

Oh yes I wanted to list down people who wished me on FB or RL, just because I sometimes kind of think twice about whether to wish someone or not on their birthday. (Certain criteria that help me make that decision include: how close I actually am to them, whether they wished me on my birthday, whether there are too many wishes on their walls already, and whether they might even care to respond with a significant reply. Kinda silly, I know, but hey.) But I do want those who wished me to know they’re appreciated, so here they are, categorically listed:

IIC/Adni schoolies: Nabeelah, Maryam, Ahmad, Sakinah, Zakwan, Zul, Atiyah.

Melawati schoolmates: Nurfarahain, How Yan Tar, Rav, Aida Akil, Shadana, Raihana, Iynn, Ezyan, Zalikha, Azrain, Aliff, Fiona, Shazleen, Szu Mei, Wahab, Ruth, Farah Hanna, Jannatun, Aziah, Amalina, Wanie, Shereen, ‘Atiyah.

INTEC peeps: Ila, Faiz, Grace, Jue, Chu Huan, Mira Marina, Ashikin, Hazirah Hamzah, Andrew, Mior, Hisham, Kim, Sathya, Haifa, Nazue, Muhsin, Sabriza, Nana, Belle, Shiue Nee, Hazirah Azaman, Naufal, Mira Amir, Syazwan, Sapura.

Canterbury people: Ilidina, Adam, Jo, Haikal, Az, Adibah, Cris, Dyla, Ema, Rima, Kayant, Ana Syukriah, Cuiping, Kak Liza, Aida Ismail, Rosie, Shawn, Syabil, Milzam, Aunty Azmah, Dahlia, Azra, Maria, Nawawi, Nadiah, Syerin, Nad, Syaza, Sham, Liyana Alia, Firra, Kak Tip, Raja, Wahidah, Faris, Faiz, Azura, Jeyda, Eza, Ida, Ellie, Amin, Safwan, Sireen, Bazil, Natasha, Hanim.

Online acquaintances (or friends of friends or non-schoolmate friends or… uh yeah): Ili Kamaruzaman, John in Hillsboro, Nazhirah, Hidayah Zaini, Rasyiqah, Laila Nadhira, Liyana Syazwani, Steph, Simply Precious, Maryam Hamzah, Mysara Mangosteenskin, Asma Roazman, Dayang Nina, Ili Izyan Syazwani, Khadijah Johari, Aisyah Rozi, Hamizah, Farah Firman, Iman Azman, Vera, Syazd.

The grown-ups (haha): Aunty Maria, Puan Mimi, Aunty Ros.

And of course, family:

  • Abah: Salam Aneesah. Nothing more that abah can give you on your birthday tomorrow except my humble doa to Allah that He will protect you at all times and impart to you wisdom and bless you with useful knowledge.
  • Mama: Happy Birthday my girl! Twenty-one years ago, a girl was born in Cleburne, Texas. Supposed to be a C-sec but you came out normal. I was a proud mother then, and always for you.
  • Anas: Happy birthday.
  • Suhaib: habby burfday encha! Moga pnjg umur my beloved n only sis! Heheh just felt like saying that.
  • Sadiq: happy birthday to my dearest sister, Aneesah Satriya! best sister anyone could ever have. (: .imy.balik cepat la..bring back stuff for me ;D …hahah dwarf dah tua.
  • Pakcik Edy: Neesah, Selamat hari lahir!!!! =)

Again, thank you. :heart:


  1. Aneesah says:

    Thanks Kimmy! Ha’ah, looking forward to Vienna, though takut I kena bawak laptop and kerja there, because it’s reading week and banyak benda due after that. :X Hope not though, trying to get things this week…

  2. Aneesah says:

    Thank you dear Tikki! :D Aw well, it’s not all fun and exciting… some other things are even more challenging than they would ever be at home. But I’m appreciating the experience and learning as I go. ^_^

  3. Mandy says:

    awwww HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! you’re almost as old as me now! but I’ll be 23 in july…poo! haha. I love those flower pins mashaAllah! I want to go to a craft store and get supplies to make pretty hijab pins, they are so expensive here at the islamic clothing stores. you should try some dodol! ^_^

  4. munira says:

    Nice pictures aneesah!!!!

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