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By Aneesah, 6 Jan 10

Hello people. I swear I am — this — close to finishing the new layout, but darn IE and it’s petty issues and I still need to sort out some kinks, but take a sneak peek:

PeekAneesah’s Hideaway version… I don’t even know.

See. I am not lying. I’ll talk more about it when it’s up. Anyhow, I really do prefer the new version of WordPress that I installed on my comp (like I’ve mentioned before, the one this site is running on is ancient); it’s much cleaner and friendlier.

My computer is now running on Windows 7. As you might know, I had massive issues with Windows XP in the past, and used Ubuntu for almost a year, and then back to XP. I avoided Vista like the plague. But Windows 7 seems much better, I liked that it searched for and installed the necessary drivers on its own, and is very tablet-friendly (especially for Tablet PCs, but still — I’m back to using the tablet as a mouse now, which I didn’t do with XP because of its tendency to suddenly un-recognise itself). I still dislike the many notifications, and how the screen flickers/dims/blacks out before one such notification. Seriously scares my socks off every time. :suspicious:

w7My pretty Windows 7 desktop

I made a list (a real physical one, on a post-it note :D ) of software that I used before I wiped my computer clean to install Windows 7. And I thought I’d share it here, with Firefox add-ons that I use too, in case they’re helpful to anyone. The stuff that are freeware (or not, but I want you to check them out anyway) are linked to their respective websites.

The basics:
  • Mozilla Firefox: main web browser.
  • Google Chrome: backup browser. Also downloaded to check that the new layout looks ok in it.
  • Yahoo! Messenger 10
  • Skype: I’m not on Skype much anymore, since YM’s video calls are usually excellent. Except for the fact that I can’t have the screens always on top of all other windows like Skype. Oh, and Skype’s not friendly with WampServer, I don’t know why.
  • Microsoft Office 2007: Though I mainly only use Word and Publisher.
The editors:
  • Adobe Photoshop CS4
  • IrfanView: main image viewer / quick editor.
  • Photoscape: main edits, if I don’t want to open up Photoshop. I used to use Picasa, but I like Photoscape better.
  • Adobe Dreamweaver CS3: web-editing.
  • AutoCAD 2010: schoolwork lalalalala.
  • MemoriesOnTV: video / slideshow editing.
The utilities:
  • Adobe Acrobat: aside from reading PDFs, I use this to print “poster-style” stuff, ie. A4 pages that tile to form a larger image.
  • 7-zip: a total essential.
  • Allway Sync: for backing up files to my external hard drive.
  • Athan: because I’m not in Malaysia anymore (where I can hear the athan from outside my window).
  • Orbit Downloader: for downloading embedded videos.
  • VLC Player: main video/audio player. Though Windows Media Player isn’t bad.
  • WampServer: for running WordPress on my computer.
The Firefox add-ons:

Not that long of a list, eh? :P I still need 3D Studio Max, I think, but I’ll get around to that when term starts.

Anyway, I’m actually off to Spain for a week beginning tomorrow, 7 January. :dance: And when I get back, winter hols are almost over… Why are holidays never long enough? :cry: Update on my swollen hand: Apparently I need blood tests done for a proper diagnosis, and the first attempt today proved unfruitful (unbloodful?). Absolutely nothing would come out — I blame the cold, snowy weather. :shakefist: My poor punctured arms… The next try at squeezing four tubes of blood out of me will be after I come back from Spain. So more delays in solving the problem and more time I’ll have to endure the itching and discomfort. :( Oh well. There’s a reason for everything.

Pray for our safe journey, I’ll be back! :heart:


  1. Aneesah says:


    haha terima kasih bnyk2. ^^; Kapur tu senanye oil pastels, my really old ones yg dah patah2 and tak sama saiz (cuma dlm gambar disusun elok2 and di-edit utk nampak bersih & baru gitu :P ). Template ni saya yg buat sendiri, from scratch. Actually tak pasti kalau theme ni compatible or not with WordPress versi terkini, sebab usia theme ni dah bertahun2!

    Tapi, maybe kalau Aneesah’s Hideaway dah bertukar template nanti (kepada layout yg ade dlm entri di atas InsyaAllah), saya boleh berikan files template ni so you can use and edit. Boleh? Tapi tak dpt nak janji lah bile, sebab layout baru pun tak siap2 lagi… :shake:
    Apape pun thanks again! :D

  2. Akuro San says:

    oh, buat sendiri rupanya.
    ok. apa pun, saya follow blog kamu dulu, ya~

  3. Aisyah Rozi says:

    ohh cute theme! it looks so you! and I mean it in the best way of course. oh, but you could perhaps make the footer content more contrast then blending it with the background. just my two cents.

    and oh, the Autocad 2010 works excellent on wins 7, way to go! andddd I take it they dont have mac version of 3D max for Mac as well? :(
    oh yeah, I personally like google chrome better. it’s my default browser now. the functions are pretty much like Safari Beta 4.0 but it feels very light and faster. I think it’s fastest browser so far. Give it a try, you might like it ;)

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