Cameraphone Fisheye

By Aneesah, 14 May 11

First off — studying about Contracts, Law, the Planning System and Cost Control is r-i-d-i-c-u-l-o-u-s-l-y boring. -_-; (Un)fortunately, this one exam could either bring up/down my average mark for my whole degree, which is why we all just have to trudge through revisions (which we normally have NONE of, in this sort of course). The exam is on Thursday, by the way.

Anyhow. A package arrived last Tuesday which totally cheered up my panicky, desperate self (this was before the Interdisciplinary crit for the artefacts in my last video). With the $50 Photojojo voucher that I won from Meream’s giveaway, I placed my order on the 3rd of May, it shipped on the 4th of May, and arrived on the 10th. Which was way quicker than expected (2-4 weeks), considering it’s an international shipment and all that. Can I just mention how I love Photojojo? They’re just fun people. Even their official confirmation e-mails sounded like:

We just know that you and this Gift Card are going to have a long, happy life together. You’ll laugh together, you’ll learn together, you’ll see the world. Oh the places you’ll go! Just promise us you’ll make sure that you take good care of each other, and take plenty of pictures!

Hey, Aneesah!
We just wanted to let you know that we got your order. You’ve got this online shopping thing down pat!

Subject: Yay! Your Photojojo Order Shipped!

We hope our box of photo goodies brightens your day and brings you super photo happiness!


Sweet, no? ^_^

What I bought were the Juice Box Camera and the Fisheye Camera Phone Lens. They were each $25, and I paid a few £ for shipping costs. Since the juice box camera is a film camera, and I’ve only taken like … 7 shots on it (which has been a freaky and awkward experience in itself… whatdoyoumeanIcan’tseethephotoIjusttook?! :shock: ), you won’t be able to see the results of it yet.

Can you tell I haven’t used a film camera since my childhood days? o_O I actually even owned a lomo camera at some point, the kind that has four lenses and takes four pictures consecutively (I won it from some Disney show :P ), but if I’m not mistaken, we never got the film developed (digital cameras were just being born at that age), and I’ve probably lost the camera when moving house and everything… X( And these past few years, lomography’s turned out to be the total “in” thing. :roll:

Sorry. I digress.

So this is the fish eye lens. It comes with a phone strap thing, which is quite useful for me because I've never owned a cellphone strap/accessory, and with my particular phone (Xperia X10 mini pro), when I hold it without looking at it, it's sort of hard to tell which side is up or down.:P

Notice the ladybug wallpaper. I love it. :D

(These photos were taken with my LX3, as usual.) The lens comes with a plastic cover as well, and a magnetic ring sticker that attaches to my phone. Only problem with that is the flash is blocked when the lens is in use.:(

So after tugging the lens from it's magnetic bit on the strap, taking off the cover, and sticking it on the magnetic ring, it's ready to use. For taking pics, I use Vignette for Android, and the default application for taking video.

The following are my test shots. :)

At the foyer of my department. The leaky effect is just a Vignette addition.

On the way to town today. Outdoor shots especially look good with the lens.

(Nearly) 180° view FTW! I think a full shot of the sky, camera pointing upwards when I'm in some wide empty field would be awesomes... *daydreams*

With indoor shots it's the wide-angle-ness that enhances the image (of course), but I find that the cool-roundness-distortion is only obvious when there's a close-up subject.

One more crit shot.

You can always see the circular edge of the lens on one side of the frame, but not the other. I think it’s meant to be that way? Maybe? One trick to avoid that was to use Vignette’s (tacky but trendy) instant frame things that crops the sides off:

You know I don't often post photos of myself at all. >_> This was me walking home after crit.

Me being me, there is also a video: :clap:

Not all the clips were taken with the lens on. But the ones that did look pretty cool. Fisheye has always reminded me of those convex mirrors on street junctions / car park corners. ^^; Previously, I did look into LX3’s options for fisheye lenses but didn’t really feel it was worth purchasing (I will probably get lazy when it comes to switching lenses anyway). But now that I have it for my not-too-shabby cameraphone, it’s all good. :dance:

End. Bye!


  1. Vera says:

    Eh it might be tacky or whatever but I definitely like the effect. It kind of reminds me of “Alice in wonderland” or rather “Alice through the looking glass” where you see this totally different and magical world :yay:

    Oh and good luck with cramming. I’d generally just barely pass the stuff I hated/found boring. Bad idea in hindsight, but I was an atrocious uni-student. No discipline at all (though I didn’t go to any frat/sorority parties :P ).

  2. Yep, when I was scrolling down the page to look at the pictures, I was thinking “it looks a lot like what you’d see in convex mirrors on street junctions / car park corners”. Then I read it at the end of your blog! Hehe!

    Good luck with your exam!!!! You can do it! :)

  3. […] Selingan: Of course we’ve used 35mm film cameras before the dawn of the digital age *man I’m so old *, the generic black kind that uses AA batteries and has a flash, but as you are probably aware, these things are coming back to haunt us as the “new” cool thing. So this camera is one of the purchases I made at Photojojo using a gift voucher given by dear Meream in April. The other item was a fish eye lens, which I’ve already blogged about. […]

  4. pyejal says:

    fish-eyes itu kool! :boogie:

  5. Leonardo says:

    Hi Aneesah, im Brazilian… i read about this lens and it works good for me, so i have a terrible doubt, haha, how did you make to put the leins on strap hole? I have the same smartphone than you, (x10 mini pro) but i guess my strap hole, its closed or something… i try so much to input the strap line on the strap hole but it does’n enter! Did you have some dificulty about that? How did u make to put the strap on your phone? Please response by email: Thank you so much! See ya!

    • Aneesah says:

      Hi Leonardo, the strap hole is indeed a bit small, and U-shaped inside. So you sort of have to nudge the lens strap into it bit by bit. It’s like threading a sewing needle, heh. But once the loop comes out of the other end, it’s simple enough to hang the lens through.

      I’m not sure I was at all helpful, but good luck anyway! Thanks for the comment!

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