My room is a mess

By Aneesah, 12 May 11


My supposedly final artefact (the hanging frame thing in the video) was a disaster, but I’m at peace with that. Not everything is meant to be a success. Two weeks to go till the end of this all. Pray for us. :heart:

Things go wrong.
Be thankful.
It will never be perfect.
Be thankful.
Life seems so hard and exhausting.
Be thankful.
The days pass so quickly, there is never enough time.
Be thankful.

Be thankful.
Bersyukurlah. Always. ;(

– from my Facebook status.


  1. hazirah hamzah says:

    tu guna plaster of paris eh? mcm mane buat eh smpai ade texture mcm tu? start dgn papier mache pastu cast dgn POP eh? :S

    • Aneesah says:

      Hehe, itulah rahsianye. :P Nah, it’s stitched fabric. Jahit2 to get the 3D shapes. Yang tak jadik was because of the plaster bit (too thin / tak kering / problem with layers)

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