The holidays so far

By Aneesah, 27 Jul 09

So it has been exactly one month since the last blog entry, and five weeks since I reached home for the summer. :) Overall, my holidays have been very unproductive — many days of just lazing around the house, playing with the cats, Facebooking and Scrabbling like a total addict (my new high score is 512 ^_^ *shameless plug*), eating, and occasionally going out with friends. :D For most of the day, the only ones home are me (bored, on holiday), my big brother (who has classes only two days a week and hence lives at home), our house maid and the three cats. My old job of sending and picking up the younger bros to/from school has now been bestowed upon my big brother, so I really basically have nothing to do most of the time. ^^;

But, at other times, I do have to tag-along with my mum somewhere, like helping out with a brother’s class event, or balik kampung for the weekend to attend a kenduri and visit relatives. Oh, and also the fortnightly grocery shopping with reluctant big brother playing his role as the driver and trolley-pusher. :roll:

(Wow. Fascinating entry so far, eh? :P )

So what have I been DOING?

Let’s see let’s see… The outings I’ve had with friends have basically been with the same people. :lol: The ones on holiday (like me), with so much free time (like me), and nothing else to do (like me). I’ve tried many new (or old, but renewed) things in the span of this month. I shall now list them below, because I seriously can’t find anything else to blog about. :suspicious:

  1. Sleepover
    The sleepover was mainly a welcome back! meet-up with Elf, one of my oldest friends who lives in the States and whom I haven’t seen since 2004, when she went to school here for awhile. We didn’t actually do anything overly interesting because I didn’t have the car those two days (darn my brother’s classes), but we played games and baked cookies and went to the playground and art store. (She’s an artist and graphic design student, did I mention? ;) )
  2. Bowling
    Let it be known that I am not a good bowler. I’ve bowled before, just for fun; the last time was on Christmas 2007 with my old school friends. I was never good, but I believe any skills I had must’ve deteriorated from lack of usage. :roll: Strikes are rare, coincidental, and caused by pure luck. "Gutter" is my middle name. :P Though I suppose compared to other sports; bowling has its good points. (It’s indoors, air-conditioned, you get to sit, drink and eat while playing. Cool, no? :lol: )
  3. Ice-skating
    skateSkating buddiesOh dear. The very reason my knees now have yellowish-green-purple bruises and the back of my ankles are still recuperating from angry blisters. -_-; During my first try at ice-skating, I could barely walk with the skates on proper ground. I could barely stand on the ice. I did one whole round of the rink while holding on to the walls for dear life, and the rest of the time I stayed pretty close to the sides too. ^^; I fell eight times, but at the end of the trip I suppose I could walk on the ice, kind of. The second try last Friday was a very reluctant one, and it was only because Elf had only a few days before leaving the country. (And she did the puppy eyes. Dang those puppy eyes. :shakefist: ) Despite the increase in the number of falls, and the painful bruises and blisters though, I actually enjoyed it more because I got better at it. :yay: Aishah gave the most helpful pointer that made me discover my problem — I should put my weight on the tips of my feet, at the toe-end. I think I was leaning back far too much before, and that was why even lifting my foot on the ice was difficult. So now I could skate a decent speed without touching the walls, but still falling on my knees sometimes. :T
  4. Archery
    archeryDon’t poke an eye out, now…Another activity that took a lot of coaxing and begging before I agreed. (Haha I sound like such a pathetically annoying pessimist, don’t I? :P ) See, I’m just not very good at stuff that requires aiming. (Like bowling, remember?) Anything that involves pointy sticks flying about, potential energy, and me? That can not be good news. And it … wasn’t really, but then again it wasn’t too bad either. ^_^ It was short-distance indoor archery, the ends of the arrows weren’t at all sharp, and though some of the arrows bounced back in my direction (or somebody else’s, haha ;) ) a couple of times, I did half-decently at the targets. :dance:
  5. Pool
    Another thing that I’ve done before, probably about once :B at a company’s family outing thing. Again, something that involves aiming and long sticks. O_o The last time, I played with my brothers; the only ones I know who could possibly be less talented than I am in sports (they knocked the balls OFF THE TABLE a couple of times. :o Tell me, who else does that? -_-; ). The pool games with my friends, though, involved SO much laughter because … because, haha. It took effort and several tries for me to even touch the damn ball, and yet when I did hit it — IT WENT INTO THE HOLE! :lol: And this happened more than once, albeit perhaps not the hole I intended to pocket it into, nor even the intended ball at times, but hey — details, schmetails. :P
  6. Foosball
    Haha. Without a doubt, the “sport” that I’m suckiest at. :lol: I used to only watch my father and brothers enthusiastically maneuver those stiff little players but after trying it out myself — ergh. It’s like way harder than it looks. I can safely conclude that I have no foosball-reflexes and can only manage to make the players kick like girls. (Hey. I am a girl. :/ )
What have I been EATING?

Another thing synonymous with holidays would — no doubt — be food. We haven’t eaten out that much, and the fact that I don’t need to cook for myself (and my opinion that UK supermarkets > Malaysian supermarkets, big time) seem to have dwindled my cooking habits almost completely. That said, the family seems to have a new interest in homemade muffins (yes, muffins :D ), so enjoy the pictures!

muffinsVanilla with chocolate icing

more muffinsVanilla with chocolate chips

more muffinsThis was today’s dinner — Original Chachos with ground beef and cheese. Haha.

And what have I been MAKING?

I am ashamed to say that my crafting side has been laying dormant, due to … well, I don’t really know. Perhaps the fact that half my tools and materials were left in the UK, and that I don’t even have a desk/workspace in my bedroom, and I’ve been doing boring settling-in stuff (like fixing up my room, going for dentist appointments, getting the laptop serviced, the sewing machine fixed, buying new spectacles [did I tell you I broke my spare pair recently, after already breaking the regular one a few days before my flight?]) for so long that the mood to sit and "be creative" has not shown itself. Yet. It’s so ironic (not to mention annoying) that the urge for these hobbies tend to come when I’m dead busy and smack in the middle of school projects, and not when I’m sitting on my behind staring at a laptop screen all day. x(

There is this one teeny quick project I did a few days ago — using my mum’s watch (and not mine, because I managed to spoil the intended watch head with epoxy glue :T ) and a strip of fabric from a pair of jeans. I’m probably going to use the rest of it to make a matching wallet / phone case / whatever.

watchDenim watch strap. Ignore the messy stitches — my bad.

Ze End

As a closing note, there are honestly other things that I could write about, that have been happening, but writing such things in the open is just not possible right now. For the first time ever, I could see myself requiring private / password-protected entries. I know it’s such a turn-off for visitors, but if you’re a regular reader and online/offline friend, chances are you’ll get the permission. Let me know what you think of this! :nod:

Okay. I’m off to sleep. (It’s 2:29am man…) Send some good unlazy energy my way, I’d love to start sewing things again. :) Later alligators!


  1. Saffa says:

    Chachos with ground beef & cheese tu rasa dia macam mana? tak pernah makan. =.=”

  2. Aneesah says:

    Haha. Chachos tu yg biase jajan2 tuh, but the ground beef goreng dengan tomato, bawang etc so macam ade sos sket. Then cheese tu like pizza punye. It’s kind of Mexican / American punye dish la, ala2 yg ade kat TGI Fridays camtu. ;) Rasa yummy, crunchy and panas2. :B

  3. Any chance you can share the chachos recipe? :D

  4. Aneesah says:

    Haha. There wasn’t really any recipe, my mum winged it. You can try Googling salsa recipes, although ours wasn’t really salsa ’cause it’s not at all spicy.

    But anyway, since I was the stir-fryer, what we did was defrost the ground beef in the microwave, fry it with a little olive oil, then adding some Allspice, black/white pepper, salt, etc. Then came (I think) chopped onions, chillies and tomatoes (and maybe some other things I’m not sure), and lastly some canned tomato puree.

    All you do afterwards is spread the corn chips in an oven-safe dish, put dollops of the beef sauce in the centre, then some mozzarella (or cheddar or any other kind, actually) cheese all over the top. Stick in the oven till the cheese melts and the chips look extra crunchy, and voila. :D

  5. kimmy says:

    the cupcakes and chachos….~ (droooooool) ur hols have been interesting, you tried quite a number of stuff! :) n yeah, ice skating omg last time i went i was practically stuck to the wall for dear life. im sure you’ll come up with awesome crafts pretty soon, and i look forward to them!~

  6. Hehe, I’ve never bowled before! But sounds like the sleepover and bowling was fun! =)
    Hahahhaa, ice skating! I went ice skating for the first time in my life in June!!! Oh man, I fell like 5 times, and like you, I went around for the first time holding onto the wall. Then later on, I was by the wall, but skating a bit. I never went to the middle. I don’t know if I ever will. I’m too scared! It’s scary falling!!!! I fell and hit my head the first time, and man, that is scary! =( I’m glad you had fun, though!

    Haha, archary… I don’t think I’ll ever try that.

    Hahaha, pool…. Brings me back A LOT of memories….. Hahaha…

    Wow! Muffins! I’m hungry and craving some! Homemade muffins are good!

    Hehe, nice watch! =)
    Hahah, password protected entries/private blogs ARE a turn-off for visitors, EVEN regular ones(speaking from experience…)… But yeah, I’d love to read them! It’s definitely NOT a turn-off for me!!

  7. Shelly says:

    I’m glad to hear that you’re relaxing for your summer! I’m taking summer school and what-not…blegh. =[ Oh well, I’m the type of person who will probably crash abd burn (more than I already am) if left to be lazy and think about things. T_T; Scrabbling…hm, have you played Bookworm before? That’s my word-game of choice when I’m at work and have absolutely nothing to do. Tehehe.

    WOW, haha, I first started reading your list and it just gets more and more awesome! I’ve only gone ice-skating once and I rarely go bowling…but thats because there’s not many non-shady-looking bowling places in my town. Archery looks amazing – I’ve only done it once during high school. I sucked at it though because it hurt my fingers too much =[ We did it during the winter, so cold fingers + archery = red and painful fingers.

    Those muffins look DELICIOUS. And ultra cute! ^^

    I’m glad to see you’re still up to your arts & crafts. You should consider starting your own brand or small side-business someday – you’d be awesome at it! I’d totally buy.

  8. Joann says:

    I can’t believe they have archery like that over where you are! I’ve never seen such a concept before and over here it’s always some outdoor event. Bruises suck but ice-skating is one of my absolute favourites!

  9. Aneesah says:

    Haha, yeah they do have indoor archery, in malls and theme parks and such. :D It doesn’t take very long to play and isn’t much of a “game”, but it was good to try anyways. ^_^

  10. Aisyah says:

    LOL I like to ice skate. I can skate at a speed, but not too fast, though, I haven’t learn to stop yet. The only way I could stop is by hitting the wall or bump into someone. haha. I’ve flown once before and landed on my shoulder. haha.

    I’ve never tried archery. hmm… maybe I should try someday :P
    and the mufffins look sooooooo delicious. me likey!! xD

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