The Springy post

By Aneesah, 28 Apr 11

Just because I need to gather all my flowery/scenic/insect Spring 2011 photos here. :P They’re all on Facebook already, and some on Tumblr, but here is nice too.

Did they never observe the sky above them: how We built it and beautified it; and it has no cracks; and We have spread out the earth, and have set upon it firm mountains, and have caused it to bring out plants of all beauteous kinds? All these are to serve as eye openers and as a lesson to every being who is prone to turn (to the Truth).
– Al-Qur’an [50:6-8]

I don’t use watermarks because I dislike them, but please respect a photographer’s rights. Enjoy!

Also, plugs to Meream of Bored and Crafty for being bored, crafty, and generous (she gave away a $50 gift certificate for her birthday! ^_^ ). Toodlepip!


  1. Saffa says:

    Just wondering, tak try submit all those photos dekat mana-mana image stock website ker?

    Tooooooooooooooo beautiful untuk for personal collection/view. :boogie:

    Taken using Lumix LX3 kan?

    • Aneesah says:

      You know, I used to do that, post my images as stock photos (at deviantart and tapi lama2 dah malas kot. ^^; It’s a good idea though, since they’re not doing anything on my hard drive pun. InsyaAllah kalau rajin2 one day… :P

      Yup, it’s the only camera I have for now. :)

  2. Zila says:

    Cantik.. Subhanallah… :)

    Lumix ke? kena gi survey nih.. hehehe… :)

    • Aneesah says:

      Salaam Kak Zila! Ha’ah, Lumix LX3. Tapi sekarang banyak model baru yang lagi canggih. ;)

  3. Cik Mun says:

    Assalamualaikum Aneesah.
    Subhanallah cantik. Lumix LX3 eh? Safa rekomen blog ni since I’m searching compact camera yang under budget. Nice. Kalau ambil gambar dalam low-light setting atau gambar waktu malam okay tak kamera ni?

  4. Cik Mun says:

    Not bad. A’ah sekarang dah keluar LX5, sedang baca-baca semua review yang ada. At least I know what I’m buying. :) Cuma tulah, nak cari compact camera yang under budget, dan tak berapa gemar sangat dengan DSLR, mcam melecehkan jek. ^_^ Anyway thank you for sample images. :)

    • Aneesah says:

      True, I pun tak beli DSLR because of its bulkiness (when I bought the LX3 harga dia boleh tahan mahal jugak :P ). Panasonic Lumix overall mmg good quality cameras. Good luck dah ade kamera baru nanti. :boogie:

  5. Cik Mun says:

    Anyway nak tanya lagi satu, Lumix LX3 ni boleh manual focus tak lense dia? ^_^ Dalam seminggu ni memang survey2 yang ada, tempting betul tapi skrang macam interested canon powershot s95. Compact pun compact dan baca review dia semua not badlah, bajet pun terpelihara bawah RM2k. Skrg sedang compare Lumix LX3 / LX5 dan S95. S95 ni lense dia boleh manual focus, how about LX?

    • Aneesah says:

      Ade manual focus, but because the control is using a button (tolak atas/bawah), dia agak leceh, tak convenient macam DSLR where you just twist the lens. I mostly use it for macro shots, yang boleh take time and try banyak kali.

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