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By Aneesah, 27 Jun 09

Vlog 10: Moving out, and my journey home. The audio gets out-of-sync towards the end, please excuse that. Oh, and the messy room. :P

Hello earthlings! Sorry the vid’s kind of long/big, there’s background music in there, which might not have been a wise decision anyways (nothing syncs, songs are probably too loud, but I was rambling wayyy much :T ). First off, I’m back in Malaysia yay! :yay: Secondly, yes I have gained weight (again!?!?!) and I just happen to have that gene that makes any extra fat go straight to my face. :suspicious: So uh-huh, that much is obvious.

Other stuff I’ll mention with pictures, because I’m lazy and don’t really know what else to talk about…

whitstableAmong the things we did during the summer term (aside from my portfolio submission and CAD assignment), was a whole-day beach trip, to three beaches. ^_^ Az, Dibah and I went with Kak Aisyah, Bazil (not in picture), and Fadhil [ze Malaysians] and Alimin, Sadrina, Zulhisham, and Eena [Bruneians]. More photos on Facebook, as usual.

birthdayOne night we celebrated Dibah’s birthday, although it was actually a few days before. (Celebration postponed due to exams. :P ) I tried making cupcakes for the first time, and aside from the disastrous start and not-that-great-looking results, they tasted good and I hope the guys liked them anyways. ^^; There was also fried rice, grilled chicken and mee bandung, courtesy of Az, Dibah and Kak Aisyah. :clap:

portraitOh yes, Dibah also requested a long time ago for a portrait as her birthday present, and this is what I managed to whip up 2 days before the party. ^^; I’ve only hand-drawn a coloured portrait once before; this one, so I’m glad it turned out fine.

brosAnd this is a pic of me and my bros at the airport. Quality’s not that great (just a BlackBerry snapshot), but my point is — OMG why are they so %^@#$&!-ing tall?! :cry: Also, I can’t figure out why they were all wearing jackets whereas I was sweating like crazy in just one layer of clothing.

Okie dokie I gotta go. There are some crafts stuff at Flickr, though not much. Another thing, since it’s the holidays and I’m relatively free, as soon as I get my room sorted out I’m planning on making more stuff. (Any stuff; sewing, beading, stamping, whatever.) Sooo, if anybody has ideas or requests or items you want me to make just comment down below. Bbye!

P.S. Oy little brother of mine, WHYYYY oh why did you privatise your blog again?! x( Gedik ah!


  1. kimmy says:

    neesahhh!aww all ur siblings came to jemput u back :) dont worry u still look sweet and small n x nampak pun u gained weight!? anyway, hope u are enjoying ur time at home! miss uuuu!

  2. kak yana says:

    yea.. they’re TALLER than ya… :P

  3. Aneesah says:

    :suspicious: Yg paling kecik pun makin tinggi… Abang je macam stayed the same height. The others are towering like crazy…

  4. Aneesah says:

    Kimmy! ^_^ Aw haha thanks for saying that. My bro greeted me with: DAH GEMUK OH while my mum went: Ha’ahla muka dah bulattt. (Aneesah: Yeah thanks family, missed you too. -_-; )

    Happy holidays Kimm! :boogie:

  5. Oh wow, the portrait of Dibah turned out nice!! =)
    Hehe about your brother’s blog. My sister’s would be the same way……

    That’s awesome that you’re back! And I know the feeling of empty rooms. Hehe. And yep, packing is NOT fun. I’ve been doing a lot of that recently. And unpacking too!!

    Wow, AutoCAD. I’ve never used that before.

    Hehe, yeah, I know what you mean about the 24-hour trip. I think it’s around the same from where I live to Vietnam too.

    Hehe, wow, I can’t believe you documented your trip! I should have done that for my trip to Europe, huh? Hahaha.

    Hehe, yeah, I know what you mean about the wrong terminals. We did that before when we went to Europe.

    LOL, yeah, I know what you mean about the humidity. When I went to Vietnam, it was BAD. I went in the summer, too.

    Hmm… Flight tickets are expensive?! EVERYONE I know told me that international flights are so cheap. Well, maybe it’s here in the U.S., going internationally.

    Hmm, that’s crazy about the pictures of the cats thing… I know it’s not true about my dog, since we’ve been taking pictures of him for 5+ years. Hehe!

    Wow, I’m sorry that you broke your glasses! =(
    Hehe about saying “ish”. I say that, but not too often.

    Contacts are AWESOME!!! They’re not painful after you get used to it. You’ll NEVER see me out in public with my glasses. I hardly ever where them either. It’s all contacts for me. I’ve also heard that if you wear contacts, your vision will stablize, and my vision’s been the same for the past couple of years, so I think it’s true.

  6. wow! i love the potrait so much! My potrait drawing always looks a bit tilted and yours looks soooo perfect! I browsed through your flickr pages just now and am totally stunned with your work on HP. Thumbs up!!

  7. Aneesah says:

    Aww thank you! :D Portraits and drawing stuff from photos are kind of my thing, I’m very left-brained so apparently that helps with the accuracy and stuff. ^^; Thanks again!

  8. Jen says:

    I have a love-hate relationship with CAD programs. I like the end result, just…not using them!

  9. Aneesah says:

    Oh, that’s good to know about the contacts. I did my new pair of glasses and the power increased quite a bit. -_-;

  10. Back in the humid tropics, good for you! Or not. Hehe. You’re lucky that any extra weight you get goes to your face. In my case, it goes straight to the tummy and hips. Very unflattering. Cannot wait to see your new crafty projects. :)

  11. Amin says:

    Hey Aneesah! ;) I was wondering, what’s the name of that song you had in the background? The first one, before Vanessa Carlton tu. When I heard the music, I thought my iTunes was up playing then I realized its from your video. ^_^
    LOL on the “Text your feedback” when you’re complaining about the bus ride! And that retching sound by your cat! But no matter, your cats are such cutsies!! That bushy tails!! :lol:
    How was Dubai? Lucky you didn’t get to go through massive crowd of passengers like last year’s transit terminal. Terminal 3 is the new one and much more spacious and less crowded too.

  12. Aneesah says:

    Yo. That’ll be “Where do I go” by Marie Digby. :D Nice simple song.

    Dubai seemed kinda hot.. although tak keluar airport pun but still can sense the difference from Malaysian weather. :nod: And yes agak ramai orang in the waiting area and all, all sorts of people; very diverse. I liked their reclining chairs kat the airport though, sedap tido hahahaha. ;)

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