Vlog 9: *coughs*

By Aneesah, 6 Mar 09

Hello again. :)

Haaaha. The still image Google Video chose makes it look like I’m giving a lecture or something.

Vlog this time. And it’s a long one, like 20 minutes long. Includes a handful of rambling, walking through the woods, a squirrel, birds and a rabbit. Watch while you’re eating or folding laundry or something. :P Er, the video has many, many issues, among others: the distorted “square” frame, the audio not syncing, the compression leaving a grid pattern of lines, the annotations (which you may ignore completely if you wish) fidgeting around, but — I just can’t be bothered to edit the file anymore. :/

It was edited using Kdenlive, a video editing program for Ubuntu. (I can’t really recommend Kdenlive — it crashed an insane amount of times, and there were an equally insane amount of failed attempts to render the vid… just too many bugs, I suppose.) I’m using Ubuntu full-time now, because I can’t seem to install Windows into an existing partition without finding myself face-to-face with the dreaded hal.dll error. :cry: But I’m getting used to Ubuntu, and for the most part, I like it; weird names and all. It’s the little things that make Ubuntu different from Windows: like… having two “taskbars” (one having tabs of the programs running, another for “Quick Launch” buttons and Applications-Places-System links) and the “Recycle Bin” and “Show Desktop” buttons being visible at all times, and more accessible menus (less clicks — no Start button, All Programs, blahblahblah), the Desktop displaying icons automatically whenever I plug in a USB stick or DVD or memory card (no need to dig through “My Computer” ), a Screenshot menu popping up asking if you’d like to save the file after taking a screenshot (super convenient, I’m telling you)… the program tab simply glowing softly when it needs your attention instead of blinking a violent orange (this irritated me to no end in Windows)… And finally, my built-in microphone automatically works in Ubuntu, and so does the vertical scroller on my touchpad (neither of them functioned in Windows — tried installing drivers, didn’t help :| ).

And, I could still use software designed for Windows using Wine, for instance that AVI fixer (called ASF-AVI-RM-WMV repair. I tried three or four other free programs but only this one worked on the corrupted file. :clap: Thank God it did, too). Apparently Photoshop also works (sorry GIMP, but Photoshop’s just … better ^^; ), though I haven’t tried installing it yet. Oh — and installing software is so dang easy. Because everything’s free, you just go to the Add/Remove Program menu, search/browse for the software, check the box and it’ll install it for you. No Googling or dealing with trials or downloading .zip files or worrying about spyware and all that crap.

Uh. My spoken English is so messed up; it’s now streaked with Manglish, British, and American accents. *_* Confused much. I also need. to. stop. saying. “as well”. -_-; Yeah I do.

The random notes uses my new handwriting font. I made a better one a long time ago, but I think it’s now lost. This one was done using yourfonts.com, but my letter alignments are a bit off. Try the site out though, ’tis free! :D

Oh yeah, one more excuse for not blogging — I can’t access aneesah.pixelled.com or pixelled.com or any other addresses on the same server from my room connection, for some reason. It’s been like this for awhile, and then it worked, but now it’s back to the “Page Not Found” error. :shakefist: No idea what the problem is… why would the uni network block access to these sites? I’m hoping the library connection or campus wireless would work. (Edit: Yeap, on a library computer now, and I could access my site just fine… :T ) Or else… I don’t even know who to contact about these network things.

IMG_5521.JPG Wanted to show this birthday card from Az. Found it in the same drawer. Heh.

I would put more photos in, like one of my broken spectacles (totally my fault, shush. I’m wearing an older pair while waiting for them to arrive through the post — yes, I did mail them back to be repaired in Malaysia ^^; ), but yeah… Internet Explorer’s not that fun… and neither is this keyboard… (British keyboard layout argghhh x( ) so never mind. You’ve probably seen the pics on Facebook anyway. :P

Till next time, leave a comment, even if you didn’t sit through the 21 minutes and 48 seconds. ;) I’ll try and bug somebody about not being able to access the site from my room… Taa. :heart:


  1. Aneesah says:

    Hi! Sorry ah, tak ingat, how long ago exactly? ^^; Nice to hear from you anyway, good luck with your craft blog too! :D Oh, and I’ve discovered a handful of fellow M’sian crafters via link-hopping from your blog. Thanks a lot! ^_^

  2. Aww! Nice cards!

    LOL, I was ABOUT to mention about talking while you’re walking alone when you mentioned it! =P
    Hmm… Where in the UK do you live? Not close to London, right…?!

    Wow about the accessing the domain problems! I can’t believe it works after e-mailing the tech department!!! All I know is that it gets messed up with the ISP… =/
    I’m getting sick too! I have a cough!!! =(
    Aww man! You went to London?! Well, you posted this before I even got to Paris…

    LOL!! Yep, diverse is a good word to describe London!

    LOL about how it feels the same to be 20. Yeah, I know what you mean. I feel the same being 23. Haha.

    Aww! Cute teddy bear!! =)
    Ooh, nice bag too!!

    National Gallery in London?? I think I was in front of that! Haha.

    I have tickets to museums and all of that too!! LOL, yeah, I keep it in a scrapbook… Hehe.

    Woah, I don’t have any landing tickets! They took it!

    Aww, that’s great about going home! Hehe!

    Hahah about world maps……. A certain someone bought one yesterday… LOL, you probably know who I’m talking about…

    But yeah, good luck with your finals!!

  3. Aneesah says:

    Heh, I haven’t edited the post about this, but turns out that I still have problems accessing the site. :/ Only at certain times (like Monday mornings, for some reason?) are things okay again. The IT people replied saying they don’t block any sites and the problem might be with my browser or the site’s server, which I know aren’t the problems at all.

    So yeap, I’ve resorted to using anonymous proxy sites to access my own site. ^^; It’s the only way that seems to work!

    Anyway, no, I live about 2 hours away from London. Or 1.5 hours by train. :P
    Hahah. Yeah I can guess who bought a world map. :) Thanks SP, for the long comment. ;)

  4. Wow, 1.5 hours by train? Eurostar? LOL, we went on Eurostar from Paris to London, and that was a 2-hour trip. Wow, so you live pretty far from London. Oh well. Maybe next time when I go to the UK, we can meet up. Hahah.

  5. Aneesah says:

    Oh no, Eurostar’s the superfast international line. Just the usual National Express trains. :) Coaches (buses) are generally cheaper though.

  6. Anna says:

    March 6th? You better be studying for a major exam or something, young lady!

  7. Aneesah says:

    I’m an Architecture student. That’s a good enough excuse for pretty much anything. :nod:
    (I seem to be blogging about once a month lately anyway. =\ Do forgive me. ^^; )

  8. skin says:

    welcome deary~~ and you should continue crafting~ hee i always love your crafts..

  9. Wow, you’re using Ubuntu! That’s good :) I tried it for a while but I switched back to Windows because I don’t have enough time to learn it hehehe… or maybe I am a slow learner ;)

  10. Aneesah says:

    Heh, Ubuntu’s pretty simple to use, really. The most problems I had with it were stuff like installing my printer and scanner. But other than that, I got used to things pretty quickly. :D

  11. hafiz says:

    haven’t been here in ages. I never use Ubuntu before. I’ll probably going to stick with Windows since it is the only operating system that I’m familiar with :)
    You seems a bit short of breath while walking there. You may need more exercise :) Otherwise, the rest of the video seems ok but it was a long video. I guess it must take you hours to edit and re-edit the entire video.

  12. Aneesah says:

    Heh, you know what? Even looking at screenshots of my old Windows XP now makes me disgusted. :P Having used Ubuntu, the Windows UI looks all old-fashioned, almost primitive. But that’s probably just me. ;) Vista does look better, but I can’t be bothered to switch to Vista yet.

    Haha, thanks a lot for the advice. -_-; Mainly it was the cold weather, though. I can’t seem to breathe through my nose when it’s cold, so was gasping through my mouth. Which is annoying. :/

  13. Fiona says:

    Omigawsh Aneesah ur soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo CUTE. LOL

  14. Aneesah says:

    Duuuuuuude I talked panjang2 and that’s what you comment about?! -_-; :P Kidding.

    Thanks for commenting Fionaaaa! Sorry lambat approve, I still have that takleh-access-site problem sometimes. :/

  15. helo girl! i love ur scrap collection book! damn cool!

    love ur handwriting font too! looking forward to make my own!

    all the best darling!

  16. Aneesah says:

    Hey! :D Thanks for coming by. Your comment reminded me that I haven’t done anything with the other bunch of scraps I collected (from winter trip)… I’ll figure out something new to do with that…

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