Lazy, sorry me.

By Aneesah, 16 Nov 08

Uh. Well. It’s been almost exactly a month since I posted the last entry. And yet, I don’t feel like writing a new entry at all. To quote Moon, Over time, I have so much to say, that in the end it all seems so overwhelming and I end up not saying anything. Yeap. There’s just … too much stuff to cover, too many words to write, too much effort required. All requiring time. Time that I’d much rather spend catching some well-deserved Z’s…

But. I suppose… I shall do some bullet points and give a basic run-down of what’s been happening.

  1. Barcelona trip. Was good. Fun. Saw so many things, such a unique, artsy city. Yet too much walking. Blisters. Walking around in a group of 100+ isn’t the best way to sight-see. It also rained for two days. But, am glad I went for the trip. Learnt so many things; not all of them even vaguely related to Art or Architecture. Enough said. [Photos here and here and here. I haven’t even finished uploading the pictures, blegh.]
  2. Came back to Canterbury only to be greeted by freezing weather. :| It’s slightly warmer again now, at around 12 degrees Celcius (as opposed to 6!), but there’s that distinct sense of the approaching winter…
  3. A couple of celebrations on campus. Like a belated Eid+Diwali (nicknamed DeepaRaya) celebration by the Malaysian & Bruneian Society, and Fireworks Night which I’ve never celebrated before. Nice little things that break the monotonous lecture-projects-home routine. [Fireworks p i c t u r e s. And there were fair rides too.]
  4. The end of one Architecture module, marked by our first ever crit/review. Went fine, the reviewers said it was very lenient this time. Marks were okay, it was only a pass or fail thing after all. But there were still stressful times and archie’s block and 2-hours-of-sleep nights and desperate last-minute scrambling. All-too-common events in an Architecture student’s life.
  5. Catching up with old friends. Writing long threads on Facebook, aka the digital way of having a 6-way conversation. Missing how everything was like and how everybody was around.

And, the rest of this entry will be filled with random photos. Thank you.

tshirtHaving a UK bank account meant having a debit card and the ability to have a PayPal account. :D This only meant one thing — online shopping! :yay: Hahaha. Kidding. But this long t-shirt was one of my online purchases, and it was cheap(ish). (The picture on the left; of the two shirts, was taken from the website.) I like it despite the empire waist / “pregnant” look, which isn’t usually as visible since I have to wear a jacket when I go out anyway. (Oh, and I removed the belt and belt loops, if you can’t tell.)

printMy new printer, also ordered online. ^_^ It’s the Epson SX200, which has a scanner and copier function as well. Works great so far, and just one teeny negative point: it’s not a quiet machine. Seriously, when the paper feeds in, you’ll think there’s either a paper jam, or the world is ending. :roll:

foodSo I like taking pictures of food. Sue me. :P 1) I have been reunited with yet another one of my childhood favourites from the US — POPTARTS! :boogie: (The other childhood favourite was Cheerios cereal. :nod: ) I almost jumped for joy when I found some in ASDA. :lol: (They only had two flavours though. Psshht. -_-; ) But yes, poptarts are awesome. 2) Cheap but yummy cheesecake. Also from ASDA. 3) PIZZAAAAAA! :D It was frozen, just cheese and tomato topping (ridiculously cheap at 43p. I think I bought 3 of them. :suspicious: ) but I steamed some chicken and shredded them for extra topping. So good. 4) Doesn’t look very appetizing, but that’s microwave-baked potato with butter and mayonnaise and four cheese (that’s just what it’s called). Again, yummy. 5) Leftover kurma (had it with chicken the night before) with potatoes and broccoli and rice and fried chicken popia. (Okay the box didn’t call it popia but that’s basically what it is. I like finding frozen food with halal logos. Makes you appreciate the halal logos back in Malaysia.) 6) Lazy meal of scrambled eggs + soy sauce with bread.

You might think these all look unhealthy, but hey. I do eat a ton of fruits too, okay? :) And … my exercise would be walking. A whole lot. Every day. Since Park Wood is so far from central campus. :shakefist:

The other photos… are on Facebook, and since I’m extra lazy… just go add me on Facebook. ^^; Oh, I made some fingerless gloves. (Or actually… 1.5 gloves since I ran out of yarn. :( )

Kay I’m too sleepy to type anything more. Please excuse this crap of an entry and … uh, hope I’ll be back with detailed, insanely long entries next time. :/ Taa.


  1. Aneesah says:

    :D Yeah, the food pics remind me of what food I can make/prepare/have here so I won’t end up eating the same thing too much. :lol:

  2. Aneesah says:

    Oh, they’re not particularly interesting pictures, but I do post random stuff there, quite photoblog-like, because it’s more convenient than composing an entire blog entry and whatnot. ^^;
    Yes, I agree — ironically when there’s so much happening in the real world, you don’t feel like retelling them online all over again…

  3. i l i says:

    hai aneesah.:)
    i’ hv been reading ur blog for some times.(afraid of not telling u earlier. hahah :lol: )
    got ur link from a friend of mine. guess u’ll discover dat later.
    btw, nice blog from u n i hv had a real fun reading ur writings since u reached uk.
    my favourite country of all. hope u update more later on.
    thanx. c yah! :D

    ps: i am soo attracted wif ur doughnut brooch. just so u noe, i am a big fan of unique and weird brooches.

  4. Aneesah says:

    Thanks ili! :) I’ll definitely be making more brooches if I have the time. Haha, your friend would be dear Dayang Nina, right? :P Thanks for commenting, always good to hear from new people. :boogie:

  5. i l i says:

    ur welcome. definitely DYG! hahahah :D ! looking forward to read ur next entry. :)

  6. atira says:

    wow, barcelona??
    i’d love to go there!

    “Over time, I have so much to say, that in the end it all seems so overwhelming and I end up not saying anything.”

    i have those moments too! :P

  7. Aneesah says:

    :D Barcelona’s great for Architecture trips. Just soo… varied, and like nothing I’ve ever seen before. Thanks for commenting, btw!

  8. rasya says:

    u went to barcelona? gila best! ok, i hate you from today onwards for having the chance to go to barcelona without me :P hahahah im just joking! :P btw, how did u get these cute smileys! :lol: ^_^ :| :( :) :D comel!

  9. Aneesah says:

    Haha. I buat sendiri la. :dance: You can put them on your blog too, go find the Etc. page. :P

  10. rasya says:

    ohhh no wonder! hehe. etc. page? ha?

  11. Aneesah says:

    Heheh, blur la pulak adik sorang nie… Here. :D

  12. Alisya says:

    OMG. I can’t believe I found u in the blogging world. Haha :dance:

  13. Aneesah says:

    Hello dear! :D Welcome to this dusty ol’ place. I seriously haven’t had the mood for writing though, many apologies. :T

  14. Huimei says:

    Hah. Seems like you had settled yourself down in UK.

    Have fun this holidays! :)

  15. Nile says:

    Well, I hope you are okay. I have not seen you around much. I am sure it is probably all the trvel that has you feeling a bit lazy. The first time I ever traveled from St. Louis, Missouri (USA) to London, UK, I had a huge jetlag. By the time I got back for school, I was seriously messed up.

  16. Aneesah says:

    Hi Nile! :D Yeah, somehow when many things happen in RL I just get really unmotivated to write about all of it, so I … don’t. :/ I’ll try and blog a new entry soon though.

  17. saffa says:

    Aneesah! It’s already more than one month lah tinggalkan blog nih. haha.. Rajin Facebook jer eyk.. LOL

  18. Aneesah says:

    :D Sesuai la dgn title entry ni, ye. I’m away travelling right now, balik nanti I’ll write something, InsyaAllah. :)

  19. aqmal says:

    kat sana susah tak nk cari mknn halal? ada abg pakistan hensem jual ke? hikhik.
    mmg happpy gila kan kalau jumpa makanan2 favourite masa lampau. recently i found sumi jelly manis in australia. ull nvr b too old for any jajan. hihihihihihi. :boogie:

  20. Aneesah says:

    Hmm, kedai runcit pakistan aderla satu, keciiiik, but the cashier’s a lady usually. :P
    And yeahhhh there’s always be a place in my heart (read: stomach) for childhood favourites… :heart:

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