Appreciation, Butterflies and Crafts

By Aneesah, 15 Aug 08

ALEd Graduation Night & A-Level Results

Every year the junior batch of ALEd organises a dinner for the graduated seniors. (Or, in technically correct terms, the current seniors organise a dinner for the super seniors.) We did the dinner last year on 11th August 2007, and — by miraculous coincidence — the dinner organised for us this year was on 11th August 2008. ;) It was at the Summit Hotel, 20 minutes away from my old hostel.

So I arrived at the —

[At this point I was distracted by the TV, stopped typing, and simultaneously decided that a Vlog would be much more convenient. :P ]

Vlog 8.
The many fades are due to the cuts I had to make whenever the camera was recording me typing an instant message, so I deleted them out to not waste time. ^^; Oh, if you can’t understand some of my babbles, feel free to ignore those parts. :B

So, to recap, I’m so happy with the results, and so bewildered by that last mark. *_* But anyway, seems lots of my friends did well too (although it’s hard to ask around through SMSes and stuff), I hope y’all got the university you wished for! Oh, and my Art was 76.66%, and none of the other archies got an A! :suspicious: Art is hard to score, then. =( I have to mention that the part when I just discovered the results, was a total deja vu moment. My Vlog 2 was recorded right after I received my SPM results 2 years ago, and it was really similar, with my phone beeping from the SMSes, etc. History certainly does repeat itself.

gradAz, Kim and I with some juniors: Shiue Nee, Fatin and Ler I don’t have that many graduation dinner photos so I’ll just wait for my friends to upload theirs. ^_^ And, about the “Best Senior 08” thing… I don’t really know why I won. :| I’m only relatively close to some of the archie girls, and … I guess their votes were the majority? :x Seriously, I see myself as that low-profile, quiet little person in the corner, but I do like making friends and so I become friendly to those who are friendly to me, you see. :) I respect those who show respect to me. At all other times, I’m very much the serious-faced ice queen. :nod: Oh, and I forgot to mention who won the other awards. Miss Beauty was Kim, of course, in her adorable cheongsam and flower in her hair. ;) Mr Handsome was Mustaqim aka Penyu, although … I share Azmah’s view of “are they freaking kidding?!” :P , Best Senior (male) was Muhsin, Best Senior (female) was Yours Truly although-she-really-doesn’t-deserve-it, and I unfortunately don’t remember the names of the Best Juniors. (See? I’m a baaaad senior who can’t even remember people’s names. x( )

(The section below was typed before I did the vlog.)

I’ll miss you people!

I’d like to take a moment to introduce/thank my classmates, programme-mates and friends who’ve been around this past two years and made my time at INTEC such a nice one. I’ll start with my (ex-)classmates.

puraSapura, or Pura or Poo, was probably the first classmate (aside from Kim and Azmah, the archies) who talked to me, on Day 1 in the new class. :) She called me, “awak, yang pakai tudung kuning” since nobody knew each other’s names yet :lol: , and invited me to sit in front with her. Which started my sit-in-front habit (helps me reduce sleepiness, and helps the lecturer to hear my puny voice whenever I feel like answering questions). Her friendliness on that first day just sums up her personality — always nice, chatty, and warm. She even called me on the midnight of my birthday in 2007 and had her housemates (and neighbours) sing Happy Birthday through the phone, which was quite touching even though our buildings were like… a few metres away from each other. :P

ilaIla is another one of those naturally pretty, bubbly girls. She’s very easy to talk to, though I think slightly more girly and manja than Pura. :P She’s crafty too, I remember her complaining about helping her sister sew beads onto the sleeves of baju kurungs and stuff like that. :lol: I’ll always remember Ila’s dimply smile and German-sounding English :P (haha, I forgot which lecturer made that comment about Kelantanese English ^^; ).

ekinEkin is very crafty as well, being in charge of gifts and corsages and things like that whenever we’re organising events. Whenever she notices something new I’m wearing/holding, I’ll hear a “buat sendiri ke?“, followed by an enthusiastic request to see it up-close. ;) I think Ekin is more motherly, and sensible, although funny as hell sometimes too. (Perhaps unintentionally. ^^; ) She likes to sing, and say what she’s thinking out loud, so there have been many a time when the lecturer’s teaching in front, and we’ll suddenly hear a line of lyrics, swing our heads around to find the source of the singing, and laugh out loud at Ekin’s bewildered/embarrassed look. :lol:

miraMira is a born leader. She’s the biggest (in age) yet littlest (in height) of all of us, but she’ll never let her petiteness define her. Very outspoken and naturally excellent at taking charge, she’s very reliable and her experience proves to be a big source of knowledge, so she seems to know a lot of things. :) Sometimes she’s also a rule-breaker though :B , and seeks the fun in everything. Oh, and she’s left-handed and is very very smart. :D

sarahSarah, I owe her a lot. ^_^ Thanks for letting me borrow your identity (read: student ID) for like, two months, and being helpful and everything else. I don’t know why I seem to get along very well with Sarah, maybe it’s our age (Pura, Sarah and I are ’89 girls), but I guess we share some other things in common, too. Sarah is quick-witted and always has something to say about everything, and yet is such a caring person (I think it comes from having a big family). Oh, and she sews too! :boogie: You go, girl!

syazSyaz is tall, skinny, and funny. Seriously funny, man. She has a high little voice but a tongue that’s as fast as lightning. Likes making snide comments and things like that, which is entertaining. :B Also, finding a pic where Syaz is looking into the camera, was very hard. :| She has that habit of looking elsewhere when it comes to photos. That “faraway look”. :P dibahDibah is always nice and smiley and very willing to help and learn. Kind of a relaxed, cool person. I remember her texting me about English one day, though she’s really good at speaking English already. :nod: What else can I say… oh, she’s very sporty and was the captain of her volleyball team, heheh. :boogie: Another one difficult to find good pictures of, because Dibah. makes. faces. -_-; nanaNana the Sarawakian is my only classmate who lived in the same building as me during my second year. (In the first year none of the girls in my programme even lived in the same apartment complex as me. :roll: ) She was always a great companion, to go out to buy food with, or help me shop for something, or talk about random things. :)

shimiShimi was our class representative. Really quiet dude, but really hilarious whenever he speaks out. I think people call it sengal, kinda … ridiculous, sarcastic, eyebrow-raising, weird but still funny remarks, like most ALEd guys are. :P And he started wearing braces right after I got mine off, as if there had to be a residential braceface at all times among our classmates. ^^; Overall, responsible but slightly awkward guy, eg. he likes to drag his feet on the floor when he walks. (Yes, I notice these things! :shakefist: )

sFaiz or Ass (though I prefer to spell it as S :| ), would be the ultimate example of a metrosexual guy. His outfits even attract the attention of our lecturers sometimes; totally brave and “out-there”. ^^; Known for being late to class in the mornings — we like to joke that he’s still doing his hair. :P But he’s really very friendly and likes to talk or call your name whenever he sees you, just because. :lol:

Now we have my five archies; probably the people I’ve spent the most time with throughout my A-Level years, since we have long art classes and art field trips and this and that. The guys are like our crazy brothers, and the girls are my closest friends.

pcPC the Penangite. Possible future politician, seriously has a knack for public speaking / debating (although he likes to use the word “itself” waaaayy too much :| ) and making sarcastic jokes about current issues. :nod: Or about anything really, the jokes. And he tries to trick us sometimes, by pulling a really straight face while saying something drastic, that we didn’t know, but I can usually tell when he’s lying. ‘Cause he’ll look incredibly serious, which gives him away. :P PC surprises us with his artwork sometimes, he really has the talent to be great. And, he beats me at Physics all the time. ;)

icamHisham or Icam is quiet-ish, somewhat neutral and blur sometimes, but is actually intelligent and sensitive about other people. He’s good for asking Further Maths questions and is entertaining in weird ways. Like, he asked me for a tissue by typing 7155µ3 or something like that on his calculator and showing it to me. :lol: Also writes weird weird poetry in the middle of the night and messages it to other people at odd hours. :/ Oh, and he’s the one with the purple car, convenient if anybody needs a ride. :D

Found one of Icam’s poems in my inbox: (Quoted verbatim, so spelling and grammatical errors aren’t mine. :P )

Why must one give up what he already begun?
Knowing that life is at stakes and it is no fun.
A war within oneself and indeed it dont need gun.
Triumph is for brave man, n give up, he shan’t.
Winning, it’s a gold pot,
Losing, he fears not,
What matter is he’d fought,
Knowing all left is in
the hands of God.

-4.56am/june d 3rd.

Yes, 4:56 am! :shakefist: Weirdo!

muhsinMuhsin would be the guy’s guy, the one who is known and liked by everybody. He has a hard time taking things seriously, joins so many activities, and has a tendency to wear selipar jepun to class. Exasperates the lecturers because of his academic laziness, but he’s amazingly talented in Art and I think is the most architect-y of us all. Also has rather disturbing poses in photos, due to his care-free, spontaneous attitude. :lol: (And I didn’t bother looking for a proper, sensible headshot of him because there probably isn’t one. :| )

azAzmah / Az was one of the first ALEds I met when we started at INTEC. Like most other people, I thought she was Chinese at first. And she is half-Chinese. :) I don’t think there’s a word that could describe her personality in full; she is just … unique. Incredibly passionate about lots of things, has amazingly varied interests, is very well-read, loves making comments about whatever she feels like criticising, and overall a very interesting person to get to know. Az can seem awkward at times, but I believe she has enough confidence in herself, that it doesn’t matter what other people think. :nod: Always with her cap and backpack, I’ll remember Az as my cool, fun, individual friend with the British accent. ;)

kimKimberly / Kimmy / Kim would be one of the nicest people you’ve ever met. I think she cares more about other people than she does for herself. Great sense of humour, and loves to document life’s moments in funny little doodles. I have so many memories with Kim, I don’t even know where to start. Our long SMSes. Yeah, how ironic — “long short messages” :P . About random things, really. Going makan on the weekends that I didn’t go home. Deciding where to makan. Commenting on Cemara’s food, Cemara, the weather, and basically everything. Exchanging youtube videos and whatever recent “lagu best” we think each other would enjoy. Remembering funny moments and quotes, usually from the archies. Reading and commenting on each other’s blogs. We’re so different yet so similar. :) Kim has taught me many things (maybe without her even knowing) and for that I am truly grateful. :heart:

I’m getting teary just writing about my friends, how in the world will I cope when we go to separate universities and won’t even see each other for a long time? :cry: And thank you also to the rest of the ALEds and ALUKs, I appreciate every one of you wonderful people! My juniors; you guys rock! Ida, whom I got to know from Friendster before she entered INTEC, turned out to be such a cool (and super nice) pal, even though we hardly got to know / talk to / meet each other very often. (Happy 19th birthday by the way! :boogie: ) And Hazirah, who is also incredibly well-mannered, thanks so much you guys for letting me spend the night at your house. ^_^ I’ll be waiting for everybody in the UK, okay? Study well, it’ll be worth it in the end. :nod:

Oh geesh, I’d almost forgotten my seniors! They were around in our first year, of course, and though I didn’t really get to know many of them (albeit there are only 20 of them in the batch ^^; ), I still read their blogs (when they actually update them! *hint hint =P * ) and exchange Friendster comments sometimes. One person that I’ll mention here would be…

aminAmin! Our friendly ex-president (of the club/programme. Muhsin’s also an ex-president, forgot to mention.) who’s now a student at Sheffield. (In fact, most of our seniors are studying there.) What first striked me was the fact that Amin remembered our names. We only had like one ALEd meeting (er well, I think I missed the first meeting before that, but never mind :suspicious: ) between the seniors and juniors (this was when I was a junior), and suddenly one night as I was about to enter Double A to pick up a book I ordered, I heard an “Aneesah!”. I was slightly startled :P , whipped around, and it was him just wanting to say Hi. ^^; And no, I don’t think I knew his name yet by then. =X Amin is also a bookworm and a big music and TV-show fan. M-hmm.

The wonderful world of making stuff

Gonna try and keep this part short, because you can click on the thumbnails to go read the descriptions at Flickr. :)

granny squareCrochet granny square bag magnetsPapier-mâché magnets

pinsPapier-mâché pushpinspencil caseZipper Pencil Case 3

boxRainbow Galaxy Box clutchBlack clutch / wristlet

Unless I mentioned that the things are for someone (eg. pencil case is for my mum), they are available for sale / trade if you’re interested in any of the stuff. Although I don’t have Paypal, so international peeps might have to use Western Union or something. :/

wordleThis is a random thing called Wordle, it created this image from my RSS feed (ie. from my recent blog entries). The size of the words are proportional to the frequency that it appears on this site. Kinda proves the fact that I overuse the word “like”. ^^;

Alright, keeping my entry short-ish since there’s a vlog already. I’m going to Johor this weekend for my uncle’s wedding, and after that I’ll worry about having to get ready for UK (for instance, I kinda have no nice clothes anymore. -_-; Ruined one long-sleeved t-shirt while splattering that rainbow box with white paint the other day… :roll: ) and my passport situation and having to do the medical checkup for our sponsor, etc. etc. :T

So, take care, people! Be thankful, be nice. :)


  1. hAziRaH says:

    i cant play your vlog as i’m stuck in akasia,probably going home tomorrow morning and straight away head to,i’ll be watching it as soon as i got back home.:)

    heh.wanna know the secret of those who’re chosen for the awards? yes,us the archies were the majority! they didn’t actually vote and we’re (well me,ida,nisa and few archies ) were the majority :P from voting Kim to Penyu.yes penyu! uh,why penyu? coz he’s usually sgt selekeh but that night he wasn’t and his hair was kinda smart,neat n tidy though. that award kinda like an appreciation :S for not being selekeh that day :roll: the best junior was voted by a table je pon.your table if i’m not mistaken.yes,yours.4A peeps yg vote,the rest didnt vote pon. :D
    i laughed reading bout your ex-classmates,the way you described them…..sgt tepat!hahahahaha..syaz’s faraway look,pura,sarah and the rest.ouh and i was hoping you writing bout muhsin kena tahan at the airport (pdn muke,simpan lg beard panjang2) :lol: icam wrote poetry?reallllllllyyyy? wow! that was…….unxpected!and sent it to you at 4 am?hahahaha..what a weirdo :roll: need to put ‘the name’..malu la.. :) i’m not that ‘incredibly well-mannered’ me. :P but then,sorry for any inconvenience,and for not being able to treat you dgn baik as we got things to do and that melaka trip the next day.:(

    yet another crafty work of aneesah.the rainbow galaxy box looks very very very very and very nice! cant open flickr know how ‘fast’ akasia’s internet connection is. :shakefist:

    ouh,nak congratulate you again for your excellent and ida was somehow…inspired!seriously. :nod: til then.byes

  2. Woah, geez, I didn’t realize that your Vlog was 20 minutes long. I’ll have to listen to it after I come back from work…

    Oh wow, congratulations on the great results! And the “Best Senior 08”? Wow, that sounds great too! =) Hehe about waiting for your friends to upload their pictures. Yep, I’ve done that before, and recently, too, since we don’t have access to a digital camera anymore… Hehe…

    Aww! That whole section about your friends, wow, just reminded me of the people I met in college… Although that list really isn’t as long as your’s… I mean, I met a lot of people, but a lot of them aren’t close to me now… But wow, I do know what you mean about meeting some AWESOME people. Hehe, I can actually say that I’ve met some WONDERFUL people while in college too. Hehe.

    Wow, geez, those are some really nice arts and crafts! =)

  3. azwan says:

    1st 1st, congratulations! So, which university?

    Very surprising you can still talking and doing vlog while watiting for your result, sigh. i remember myself 2 years ago having one night trip from alorstar to kl and it very lonnnng waiting.well, probably you know you did very well in the exams, so theres nothing much worrying you.

    let me capub myself, im aled mr cool 2006, lol. there’s a lot of categories back before, even mr and mrs rock, sigh. typing this comments while listening to your vlog. well, seriously you dont need to worry much about coming to uk, people sometime just exaggerate in some certain things, you will see everything is easy here, trust me, especially in food! food here is so damn good.

    gtg, not finished your vlog, too long, haha. looking forward to meet you here in uk! goodluck for the preparation

  4. Aneesah says:

    Haha, Johor gak? Where in Johor? Kang bertembung kat tengah highway with me. ;)
    Heheh, I knew there had to be a komplot with the awards somewhere, somehow. :P Oh, right, so for Penyu the slight makeover is a big deal, I get it. ^^; LOL takyahla mention Muhsin’s arrest, that’s private business. :B Oh, and selalu dah me and Kim dapat random SMSes from Icam, there was one pantun ’bout A-Level exams but I don’t have it anymore. It was funny. :D
    And thanks for the many congrats, I’m proud of the rest, too. ^_^ Although the worse thing about results is hearing about those who didn’t make it… :cry: Seriously, I was dreading getting the news about our other friends. :(

  5. Aneesah says:

    University of Kent! :yay: Although I think … 3 or 4 people je of ALEd4 are heading to Kent. :P OMG seriously tengah nervous k masa record sume tu! But the vlogging and random messages kinda took my mind off the waiting, so yeah, it helped. :nod:
    Oh, hehe, I remember reading about the Mr Cool award in your old blog or something. ;) Last year when we organised the dinner, we had… ape ek… Mr Gorgeous (KA), Ms Glamorous (Belle), Mr Joker (Amir), Ms Hyper (Sabriza) and The Most Stylo (Fasyah). :lol:
    Kahkah, takpe, takyah tengok pun vlog tu, nothing important. :P Hope to see you in RL one day, haha! ^^;

  6. Amin says:

    Okay, Its official now, you’re a freakin GENIUS! Seriously!!! All Hail Aneesah!!! ^^;
    Perfect score for Physics 6?! That’s like really unbelievable! Congratulations Aneesah! You wanna know what I got for that stupid paper? Err… I better not say it here. Too embarrassing! :lol: Anyway, congrats again on your superb result! Don’t worry, I know you’re not bragging there. Heck I would’ve done the same thing if I were you! :clap:
    Your AGD sounds fun. Do you have that clip, that movie-thingy your jr made for you guys? I’d love to see that! But the way you describe the video was rather, uhmm… interesting. With your uhmm…monotonous voice, :D coupled with that blur, faraway look you had, makes it kinda creepy too! :lol: A-and, BEST SENIOR Who would’ve thought kan? I mean in a good way, not in sarcastic-snide-remark way ;) Congrats again! :boogie:
    Gosh you had me laughing so hard on that Most Handsome award! :lol:
    Aww, thanks for mentioning me in your blog. I thought it’s just about your classmates, so I wasn’t expecting to see my picture there! ^_^ But yeah, I do have this knack of remembering people’s names even if we only met for a brief moment. And hey, you were vlogging when I sent you that SMS?! And I was busy SMS-ing with Mira too at that time! :D
    Anyway, don’t worry too much about life in the UK right now. Like you said, focus on the present like your passport, VISA and pre-flight preparation. Once you get there, you’ll adapt. And you have to remember, people sometimes exaggerate about these things. You’ll find a way. Its not that hard living in the UK. Trust me ;)
    Good Luck with your preparations! Feel free to ask me if you’re not sure about anything. I’ll help you out, definitely! :)
    P/S: Sorry about the excessive use of the emoticons. Just in the mood!

    P P/S: Love your crafts! Especially the paintings! Just looking at your crafts makes me go all green! :shakefist:

  7. kimmy says:

    aneesahh~ omg so terharu read ur post~~ :) *hugs* I was laughing out loud when I read the part abt Muhsin’s erm, poses in pics :P,and Icam’s 5am poems! jiwang karat man that dude ahaha.. I love ur magnets, and to think they were made from PHysics notes :P and the part u knew ur results, so smileyyyy I love that part!! :D So 6 of us, we’ll be raya-ing together I hope~ is that my name on ur wordle? lol!

    p/s No matter what u say.. u deserve best senior neesah :)

  8. salam~

    it’s nice to hear that u got 15 for your A level :yay: .. i was quite surprise that nearly 40% of the seniors couldn’t fly :shake: .. though they seems so happy at INTEC before.. so, best of luck for you.. praise to god and congratulations..

    maybe after this u can share ur experence at UK on this so called blog.. teehee.. :clap:
    thanx.. and sorry for all the mess i make before..

  9. hAziRaH says:

    johor kat Muar :)
    come to think bout icam’s poem and everything,i dont think there’s any of us as ‘unique’ as him.hahaha.however, all of us loves singing.there will be songs and people singing almost everytime there’s a gap between subjects or 5 minutes breaks. :P
    ouh,bout those who didn’t make it,it kinda freak me out.saw that tears and sad look in some of them (and the boys i met) :cry: hope they make a rayuan and are lucky enough that kpm agrees to send them too…or something *finger crossed*

  10. Aneesah says:

    Hehe, my actual kampung pun kat Muar; Parit Jawa, but my stepgrandmother lives in Ayer Hitam so that’s where we are. :) Yea, about the guys, it’s devastating. *_* Since there’s a lot of those who didn’t make it, maybe KPM wiill just have some mercy…

  11. Aneesah says:

    Ohhh no. Nobody start hailing me or I’ll bop y’all in the heads one-by-one. :shakefist: Haha, I tak taula about the Physics 6. Maybe it was an online error, nanti I ambik the slip I’ll check on the printed copy. :nod: I mean, I don’t remember much about Physics 6 (or any of the other papers… :suspicious: ) but surely I tinggal some questions, left them hanging, hence the ridiculousness of that score. -_-;
    Oh, Muhsin said he has the video they took of the night, I’ll see if he uploaded it anywhere. :) Hehe I guess my droning voice is good for something. :roll: Ha’ah, you interrupted my vlogging session with your SMS, kahkah. :P Cameo appearance lah tu.

    And, thank you. :boogie:

  12. Aneesah says:

    I know, looking back, I looked like an idiot with my mouth in a permanent smile masa tu. -_-; But oh well. :P
    Yea! I mentioned your name banyak sangat kali kot sampai Wordle pun picked it up. :lol: Kikiki. ;)

  13. Aneesah says:

    Hehe, you even calculated the 40% huh? ^^; Yea, they (the guys especially :/ ) definitely had the greatest time at INTEC, but that might’ve also been their downfall. -_-; But I’m still hoping most of them will be able to fly, it would be really really really sad, disappointing, if they weren’t allowed to. :cry:
    Oh, definitely, you’ll read all about my silly life in here. :P And there’s nothing to apologise about, Naufal. :)

  14. Lola says:

    Salam Aneesah :) I saw a link of this blog of yours in your deviantArt account :D Hope you don’t mind me ‘stalking’ you here :lol:
    You knowww, I was really inspired from aaaaall of your artworks. Especially sewing and crafting because I suck at painting and drawing -_-; I’ve started sewing bags ever since I saw your messenger bag. But I’m currently doing different kind of bags now ’cause messenger bags are too leceh to be sewn for me. Hehe. I tried doing stuff using the paper clay but I had a pretty hard time to shape them clays properly. I guess I’ll stick to sewing for this time being.

    I was talking to my friends about art when she mentioned your name. She was like, “I was browsing this one Malaysian girl’s deviantArt and her name is Aneesah. She’s really goood.” And I went like, ” OMG you know her toooo? Heck yesss, she’s so creative and goood.” :clap:
    Well, basically what I’m trying to say here is; You’re goooooooooooood and thanks for being such a wonderful inspiration. Hehehehe.

  15. Aneesah says:

    Wa’alaikumsalam! Hahahaha, I’m practically famous now, huh? :P *kembang* Nahh, I’m really not that good, I just seem a little productive because it’s the holidays, heheh. ^_^
    Yeah, messenger bags, especially yang ade lining, can take some time. :) I’m sticking with smaller stuff too; just made a wallet and phone case yesterday. :boogie: Paperclay is dense and wet, memang susah sket if you wanna make detailed stuff, but it takes getting used to. :nod:
    Aww, thank YOU for dropping by and for the compliments! ^^; Keep them coming! ;) (…kidding la!)

  16. Brenda says:

    Hehehe. Till now, so far you’re the only blogger I’ve seen who does vlogs. (: But that’s another good way of saying that you’re one dedicated blogger. I’m still hoping to do one someday as it’d be a nice experience – but I guess I’m just too busy (and sometimes, too lazy) for the time being.

    It’s really nice of you to introduce your classmates! ;) So that the next time you write about them, I’d know exactly who you’re talking about. In fact, that long list of profiles up there sort of remind me of talent shows. (You know, like the way profiles appear for the various contestants on a talent show? ;))

  17. Aneesah says:

    Heehee. They all have their talents alright. :P And true, I don’t know that many people who do vlogs. ^^; I just resort to it when I can’t bring myself to type so much. :|

  18. aileen says:

    whoa! I’ll try the “wordle” after this entry!

    As usual, you’ve got amazing things going on with that inexhaustible creativity of yours! I lurv those magnets :boogie:
    Awww, you have made good friends at school to miss them so!:heart:

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